What does Black wine mean?

Is there black wine?

“Markell-Bani Wines (Aniyah Rouge and Demera Blanc) are known for their distinctive sweet flavor and amazing taste,” said Lawrence. Markell-Bani will feature at the Black Wine Experience during the 2019 ESSENCE Festival.

Why is my wine black?

Oxidized Wine

When a wine has had too much exposure to oxygen, we call it ‘oxidized’. This can happen when a wine hasn’t even been opened yet (if the oxygen transmission rate through the cork is too high), or it can happen to a bottle of wine that’s been sitting open a bit too long.

Is black wine good for you?

Darker grapes are higher in antioxidants like resveratrol, epicatechin, catechin, and proanthocyanidins. Of these, resveratrol and proanthocyanidins are mainly responsible for keeping you healthy.

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