What cheese goes with sweet wine?

What goes well with sweet wine?

Sweet whites include Moscato and Riesling. Sweet wines pair well with both hard and soft cheese, cured meats and sweets. A dish of smoked sausage or a cheese platter would be a wonderful pair with this type of wine.

What cheese goes with Moscato?

Soft or Pungent Cheeses: Soft, creamy Brie and Camembert stand up to Moscato’s bright fruit profile without overpowering it. On the other hand, strong blue cheese needs a wine like Moscato to balance its saltiness. Moscato d’Asti or Passito di Pantelleria pair well.

How do you drink sweet wine?

These tongue-pleasing sippers are ideally enjoyed with dessert or as dessert itself. It’s also worth noting that dessert wines are meant to be served in small wine glasses, much as you would when sipping on a snifter of whiskey or bourbon.

How does sweet wine affect food?

Sweet Foods.

Very sweet foods often over-balance the perception of sweetness, making the wine taste thin and somewhat acidic or sour. This is the same sensory response suggested in exercise 1: if you taste sugar and then wine, the wine will taste considerably less sweet.

What food goes best with sweet red wine?

Dishes with fruit reductions, sweet sauces, or honey glazes are excellent matches for sweet wines.

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What foods pair well with sweet red wine?

Voluptuous and smooth, this is the kind of everyday wine that goes well with just about everything, like sweet & sour pork, mango and cucumber salmon, spiced pecans, pastry wrapped brie with pear slices, sugar cookies with cinnamon sugar, chipotle beef tenderloin, cajun turkey and spicy sausage penne pasta.

What’s a good wine to drink with cheese?

The next time you fix yourself up a cheese plate, here are the wines you should be bringing along for the ride.

  • Port And Bleu Cheese. …
  • Prosecco And Parmesan. …
  • Sauternes And Fondue. …
  • Cabernet Sauvignon And Aged Gouda. …
  • Chardonnay And Gruyere. …
  • Rioja And Manchego. …
  • Riesling And Ricotta. …
  • Malbec And Aged Cheddar.

What dessert goes well with moscato?

Moscato wines pair beautifully with light or mild fruit or creamy desserts, blue or cheddar cheese, biscotti, fois gras, nuts, pannetone, meringues, souffles, berries or even chocolate.