Was 2017 a good year for Bordeaux wines?

Why was 2017 a good year for wine?

“The year 2017 has huge potential for aging because it has all the compounds: good tannic structure, a reasonable level of alcohol, pretty good level of acidity—you find it by this energy you find in the wine. If this character is kept during the aging, that could be a vintage that could be drinkable soon.

Is 2017 a bad year for wine?

The biggest issue with the 2017 vintage, Proctor says is market perception versus reality. Relatively speaking, not many wines from the 2017 harvest were affected. Of the estimated 10 percent unpicked grapes, maybe 3.5 percent were impacted, Bitter says, but in reality, it was probably closer to 1-2 percent.

Is 2017 a good year wine?

The 2017 vintage is perhaps most notable for having both devastating frosts and wildfires. Although Bordeaux failed to produce a legendary vintage, some very good wines were made. … For the most part, the wines are best suited to short-to-mid-term drinking than long-term cellaring.

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Was 2017 a vintage year?

That is why the recently declared 2017 universally declared vintage is so remarkable, as it comes right after the incredible 2016 vintage. The only other time two back-to-back vintages were universally declared was in 1872 and 1873.

Is 2017 a good year for chardonnay?

The 2017 vintage will be excellent for San Diego County wines. San Luis Obispo: Chardonnay yields are a bit higher than average and Pinot Noir is just below. Both are showing good flavor development, with a little less acidity than usual.

Is 2017 a good year for Merlot?

Top $10 to $20 Merlot – Cannonball Merlot

The 2017 vintage has a 90 point Tasting Panel rating and was lauded for its “balanced palate” and sweet berry notes. The 2014 vintage had an 89 rating from Wilfred Wong of Wine.com and the 2012 had a 90 rating from Tasting Panel.

Was 2017 a good year for red Burgundy?

Happily 2017 is both generous and of good to very good quality, with in general a preference for the white wines. For both colours, the grapes were exceptionally healthy and free from rot. 2017 is set to be a consistent and delicious vintage for white Burgundy.

Is 2016 a good year for wine?

The 2016 vintage was mostly excellent. … Burgundy experienced a difficult vintage, but the outcome was phenomenally good, and Beaujolais was also excellent. The Rhône and Alsace were both very good, with the Loire and Champagne regions generally suffering the most from devastating April frosts.

Is 2016 a good year for Bordeaux wine?

Some winemakers in Bordeaux are calling the 2016 vintage part of “the second coming of Bordeaux” due to the overall excellent quality of the wines and their unique character. … After the superb 2015, Bordeaux is showing great quality in the bottle once again with many outstanding 2016s.

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Which year of Lafite is the best?

Highest rated vintages for Chateau Lafite Rothschild

  • Lafite Rothschild, 1996. 100. …
  • Lafite Rothschild, 2003. 100. …
  • Lafite Rothschild, 1986. 100. …
  • Lafite Rothschild, 2009. 99+ …
  • Lafite Rothschild, 2000. 98+ …
  • Lafite Rothschild, 2010. …
  • Lafite Rothschild, 2008. …
  • Lafite Rothschild, 1998.

Was 2018 a good year for wine?

The 2018 wine vintage was, overall, very successful. Bordeaux, in particular, has all the makings of a legendary year particularly for the wines of the left bank but time will ultimately tell. … However, as so often the case, a great year for dry Bordeaux reds and whites means a poor year for the stickies.

Is 2017 a good Australian wine year?

The 2017 Australian vintage was generally very good. The growing season was marginally cooler and wetter than usual, especially for regions like the Barossa Valley and Adelaide. … Both the Barossa and Clare valleys produced some great Shiraz and Riesling while Adelaide Hills produced some excellent Chardonnay.

Was 2017 a good year for Medoc?

The 2017 vintage for Bordeaux was very hit and miss but some good wines were made. Although the winter was slightly warmer than average, January was extremely cold and dry. A warm spring encouraged early budburst, with the balmy conditions continuing into April.

Is 2017 a good year for St Emilion?

Part 3, there are some very nice and even good 2017 Saint Emilion wines found in vineyards with limestone and clay soils. Some of those vineyards suffered varying degrees of frost damage, depending on their terroir. Part 4 is bleak. … Clearly, 2017 Saint Emilion will always be remembered as the year of the frost.

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