Question: Why doesn’t beer come out of my keg?

Why is my beer not flowing?

Beer pours with ‘no head’ Not enough pressure Check CO2 tank; if empty, replace. Make sure CO2 tank and regulator is ON. Increase the pressure if beer runs too slowly. … Improper pour Pouring the beer with ‘no head’, or pouring the ‘head’ off Open the faucet quickly and completely.

Why is my keg beer flat?

If your beer is pouring slow and flat, the issue is most likely in the line. Lines that are too long or too thin, or both, will slow the flow of beer down too much, and knock too much co2 out of solution before it reaches the tap. So, as you pour, your beer will be less carbonated than it is in the keg.

How do you fix a clogged keg?

Pull the dip tube and unclog it. Wash your hands and sanitize them in sanitizer. Put the dip tube back in and apply the “fix”. It might be the only thing to help save this keg until all the hops/trub is poured out.

Can I Recarbonate flat beer?

If you have a SodaStream, your flat beer may actually be salvageable. According to Food & Wine’s FWx beer hacks, the machine can be used to re-carbonate your beer. You’ll want to start by pouring the beer into your SodaStream’s carbonation bottle.

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Can I fix flat beer?

So, if you have a beer that is both flat and was bottle-conditioned (and therefore still has some yeast in it), you might be able to bottle-ferment it again: Add a very small amount of sugar to the bottle. Table sugar works, although corn sugar (which you can find from a brew store) is ideal.

Is flat beer bad for you?

Beer that goes bad — or flat — won’t make you sick but may upset your stomach. You should throw out beer if there’s no carbonation or white foam (head) after you pour it. You may also notice a change in taste or sediment at the bottom of the bottle.

Can you get money for empty kegs?

Empty Kegs

An empty keg can be worth $15 to $55 in scrap. But, before you try to take an empty keg to a beer store or scrap it, be sure that the manufacturer’s name is not stamped on it. If it is, you are not allowed to sell or scrap it. You must return it to the manufacturer if you know where it came from.

How long will a tapped keg last?

How Long Does a Keg Stay Fresh? For most beers on tap, dispensed with CO2, the rule of thumb is that non-pasteurized beer will retain its freshness for 45-60 days, if proper pressure and temperature are maintained. If you are serving up pasteurized draft beer, the shelf life is around 90-120 days.