Question: Is prisoner a good wine?

What does prisoner wine taste like?

California – This red blend shows aromas of ripe cherry and cedar with hints of rose petal and sweet oak. The lovely entry leads into a savory mid palate. Ripe fig and black currant dominate the finish with soft well integrated tannins.

Is prisoner a dry wine?

When Dave Phinney first launched The Prisoner Wine in 2000, the wine became an immediate marketplace star. … Old time, classic wine drinkers eschewed its high alcohol and sweetness—though it was technically a “dry” wine.

Why is it called prisoner wine?

The Prisoner Wine Company is named after the flagship wine that founding winemaker Dave Phinney originally produced with his inaugural release from 2000, a mere 385 cases. … He wasn’t satisfied with the quality of the wine, so Dave sold that vintage on the bulk market (Orin Swift is now owned by E & J Gallo Winery).

What does the prisoner wine pair well with?

The Prisoner pairs well with appetizer courses with a rich flavor profile, such as slices of aged farmhouse cheddar cheese, roasted root vegetables, steak tips and smoked fish. It’s also good with small squares of dark chocolate and caviar on plain water crackers.

How much is a bottle of prisoner wine?

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Store Information Price and Size
Longmeadow Wine & Liquors Hagerstown, MD – 301-766-4636 United States $ 15.99
All Star Wine & Spirits Latham, NY – 518-220-9463 United States Shipping info for All Star Wine & Spirits $ 16.99
International Wine Shop Westport, CT – 203-227-4486 United States $ 17.79 Half-Bottle (375 mL)
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What wines does Dave Phinney make?


Dave Phinney produces wines under the California-based Orin Swift label (Abstract, Mannequin, Mercury Head, Papillon, Palermo and Veladora) and is a partner in a host of other winemaking projects abroad.

Can you age prisoner wine?

It’s a smooth sipper on its own with a lovely aroma and a nice blend of flavors. Do let it age a while before opening, however.