Is white wine or red wine better for French Onion Soup?

What alcohol is best for French onion soup?

Brandy or vermouth plus some white wine are my favorites. I do not love this soup with red wine, personally.

What wine should I serve with French onion soup?

Probably the best wine to both cook the soup with, and drink alongside the dish, is Viognier. This wine will bring out the natural, caramelised sweetness of the onions, while adding a lovely, crisp floral character that will complement the cheese and garlic beautifully.

Can you add red wine to soup?

While red or white wine is known to benefit soup, stew, sauce and a braise, either can also be used as a poaching liquid for eggs or fish. You can also use it to steam shellfish and cook pasta. Try boiling spaghetti in red wine and tossing it with a bit of sautéed garlic, butter, Parmesan and pine nuts.

What is a good substitute for sherry in French onion soup?

You can use a white wine, brandy or dry vermouth (or, depending on the recipe, red wine, Port, Madeira or Marsala, knowing they will leave some residual flavor). You can also try vinegars—apple cider, wine vinegar or even rice wine vinegar.

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What can I use instead of sherry in French onion soup?

These substitutes tend to work best in poultry dishes, stews, creamy soups, and creamy sauces.

  • Dry White Wine. This can be used in a 1:1 ratio as a substitute for cooking sherry. …
  • Brandy. …
  • Dry Vermouth. …
  • Madeira, Red Wine, Port, Marsala Wine. …
  • Hard Apple Cider. …
  • Shaoxing Cooking Wine. …
  • Drinking Sherry.

What is a good dry white wine for French onion soup?

Wine is optional to deglaze the pan and add flavour to the soup. I recommend a dry white or red wine, such as a good quality Pinot Grigio/Gris, Sauv Blanc, Sémillon, Chardonnay, Merlot or Pinot Noir. Generally, if you can’t drink it, don’t cook with it.

What does red wine add to cooking?

Wine has three main uses in the kitchen – as a marinade ingredient, as a cooking liquid, and as a flavoring in a finished dish. The function of wine in cooking is to intensify, enhance, and accent the flavor and aroma of food – not to mask the flavor of what you are cooking but rather to fortify it.

What is a good red wine for spaghetti sauce?

The best wine to use in spaghetti sauce is Chianti, or any wine made from Sangiovese grapes. Its moderate tannins and full range of flavors, from cherry to leaves to tobacco and sometimes mushroom, add depth of flavor to any red sauce.

Can I use red wine instead of dry sherry?

You can try alcoholic substitutes, like dry red or white wine instead of sherry. Other such substitutes include port wine, Marsala wine, or Madeira. … If you need a cup of sherry for preparing a recipe, replace it with an equal amount of any of these wines. An unflavored brandy may also work wonders in some recipes.

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Can you use red wine instead of sherry in French onion soup?

3 Answers. Yes, you can. (I usually use wine, in fact). Note that sherries are a fortified wine, so you may want to add a small amount of brandy as well; say 1 Tbl to 1/4 cup per cup of wine.

Can I substitute sherry for white wine in French onion soup?

I like to use dry sherry in my soup, but you could also use a white wine such as Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon Blanc.