How do you shotgun a beer without it spraying everywhere?

How do you shotgun a beer cleanly?

Having the beer at this angle will cause an air bubble at the bottom of the can (or the opposite side of the push tab). With your thumb press down on the can to make sure you find the bubble. Take your key and push down on that spot. Add more pressure until the beer can is punctured.

How do you find the air pocket in a beer?

There’s a small air bubble in every can of beer, much like in a bubble level that you use to make sure your picture is hanging straight. Tilt the beer can back until you feel the bubble under your thumb. You should hit it when the top of the can is faced slightly down.

How do you shotgun a beer fast?

8 Steps (and tips) on How to Shotgun a Beer

  1. Grab the right type of beer. …
  2. Use the right tools. …
  3. Hold the can horizontally. …
  4. Check where you will puncture the can. …
  5. Place your thumb to find the sweet spot to puncture and tilt the can. …
  6. Get your key or knife and puncture the can. …
  7. Make the hole bigger.
  8. Chug!
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What is the easiest beer to shotgun?

Pabst Blue Ribbon is a classic choice when it comes to a beer that is easy to drink. Other good drinks featured on this top beer to chug list include Coors Light, Red Stripe, and Lone Star. Which beer do you think is the best for chugging?

What is the average time to shotgun a beer?

On average, it takes your body roughly one hour to metabolize one beer. If your body can’t metabolize the alcohol fast enough, your body’s alcohol level will rise and you’ll get drunk.

Can you cut yourself shotgunning a beer?

Shotgun a beer using only your bare hands. … It sounds hard, but it’s actually very easy to shotgun a beer using just your thumb. Sure, it can be hard at first, and you do run the risk of cutting yourself or breaking a nail, but that’s why it’s such an impressive party trick.

What happens if you shotgun a soda?

But soda can exacerbate the problem because it results in more fluid when the carbonation breaks down. Acute fluid intoxication, also known as water intoxication or water poisoning, occurs when the electrolytes in cells in the bloodstream and brain neurons become so diluted they can no longer function.

What is a good shotgun time?

Red: “My career average has been clocked somewhere between 4.5-6 seconds, depending on the situation.” Guy: “The first couple are races against your boys to display your time, ability, and form;” “Should take about 2-5 seconds.”

Is it hard to shotgun a beer?

Yes, shotgunning a beer is a skill that few have mastered, and fewer want to. But if you dream of consuming the contents of your can in ten seconds flat, you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to discuss how to shotgun a beer. And we’ll share the hints and tips of shotgun masters through the ages.

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What is the secret to chugging beer?

Take a deep breath

While you’re chugging, the key to getting the beer down as quickly as possible is not stopping to breathe, so taking a deep breath before you start will give you enough air to sink the beer before you need another lungful of air.

Do you swallow when you shotgun a beer?

As the contents of your glass enter your mouth, do not swallow. Instead, allow your throat to relax and the beer to flow directly into your stomach. … Imagine you are pouring a glass of water down an open drain.