Can you take your own alcohol to a restaurant?

Can customer bring their own alcohol to a restaurant?

No you can’t. Most BYOB Restuarants typically don’t have alcohol licenses – therefore they offer BYOB as a way to still allow customers to drink alcohol without having to buy it directly from them.

Can you take your own wine to a restaurant?

Even if BYO isn’t the norm, many restaurants will allow customers to bring a personal bottle, usually for a fee to cover the cost of opening and serving your wine. Depending on the restaurant, corkage fees can be as little as $10 or upwards of $50 or more, though $20-$35 seems to be the median range.

Why do restaurants have BYOB?

One option for restaurants that don’t have liquor licenses is to allow patrons to bring in their own bottle. … BYOB restaurants attract these patrons because it gives them a chance to imbibe without paying a high markup for liquor. This boosts the number of meals served.

Is corkage fee legal?

Corkage fees are not mandated by law – they’re just something that restaurants can choose to charge. … Diners sometimes bring hard liquor, purchase mixers from restaurants, and make their own well drinks. Establishments in Philadelphia don’t need to have liquor licenses to allow BYOB.

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Is it rude to bring wine to a restaurant?

If you’re going to bring your own bottle, it’s considered rude to bring something that’s already on the restaurant’s wine list. It should be something more special, rare or old. You should tip to reflect the convenience offered to you on top of the corkage charge you’re paying.

Can you bring your own bottle of champagne to a restaurant?

While most restaurants do not allow the practice, there is no statutory provision prohibiting it, according to the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control. Admittedly, bringing wine to a restaurant is an unusual practice.

Can you bring whiskey to a BYOB?

In a typical BYOB restaurant, the eatery serves only non-alcoholic beverages and food. Guests can then bring their beer, liquor, or wine and pour their own alcoholic drinks. … Usually, restaurants may provide glassware but do not handle guests’ alcohol at all.

Can they card you at a BYOB place?

Not usually, but they can, and they have every right to not allow you to drink there if you are not of age. If they ask for ID and you don’t provide it, they can tell you to leave or not allow you to drink whatever booze you brought.

What is an average corkage fee?

While there’s no science to the amount a restaurant charges in corkage fees, you can expect the fee to match the level of service. You may find fees anywhere between $10 to $100, or even more. The current fee at The French Laundry , Thomas Keller’s acclaimed Napa restaurant, is a hefty $150 per bottle.

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How much should I pay for corkage?

Naturally corkage fees vary from wedding venue to wedding venue. Some venues charge per head but most will charge per bottle opened on site. On average the fee will be £12.00-£15.00 per bottle of wine, £15.00-£20.00 per bottle of Cava or Prosecco and £20.00-£35.00 per bottle of champagne.

How can corkage fees be avoided?

Consider one restaurant that waives its corkage fee on “Wine Wednesdays.” Another restaurant waives corkage fees on American wines and charges it for all others. Another instance where you might waive the corkage fee is if a customer brings in a very special bottle of wine and shares it with you.