Your question: What is a good appetizer to serve with wine?

What kind of food do you serve at a wine tasting party?

Dried fruit, such as raisins, apricots, and mango also go well with wine. Red wine pairs well with fruits such as berries and red grapes while white wine is best with lighter fruits such as pineapples, green grapes, and melon. Chocolate is another great food to serve at a wine tasting party.

How many bottles of wine do you need for a wine tasting?

3. One bottle per wine is enough, for up to 12 guests. For 8-10 different wines, that means 8-10 bottles in total. For each additional 12 guests, you will need to have an additional bottle of each wine, to ensure everyone gets a satisfactory pour.

What do you serve with afternoon wine?

Hard cheeses like cheddar are generally the easiest types to pair with wine, and cheddar works well with both white and red wines. In particular, cheddar pairs very well with an oaky Chardonnay, as well as Syrah and Malbec. So, this one platter can be a cheese board for red wine AND a cheese board for white wine!

What should you bring to a wine tasting?

Don’t forget these wine tasting essentials, so that you can be comfortable and prepared, leaving more room for enjoying each winery!

  • Portable Charger. …
  • Large Tote. …
  • Water Bottle. …
  • Sunglasses or Hat. …
  • Comfortable Shoes. …
  • Picnic.
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What appetizers go with Zinfandel?

Zinfandel snack pairing

Zinfandel is a good red wine for charcuterie and meaty appetizers. A light, young Zinfandel is the best choice if you want an easy drinking style which pairs with many different types of snacks. Olives, salty crackers, peppery salami and spicy nuts will taste good with this Zinfandel style.

What appetizers go with Syrah?

Syrah is a good wine with appetizers and snacks. Finger foods with cheese, black olives, charcuterie, garlic and meaty flavours will be great with Syrah.