Your question: What brands of kombucha contain alcohol?

Which kombucha contains alcohol?

Traditional Kombucha: Typically 1 to 2% alcohol but could get up to 3%. Kombucha traditionally comes out to roughly 1.5% alcohol if fermented in the normal manner. Very little kombucha on the market falls in this category. The most popular is GT’s Black Label.

Which kombucha has the highest alcohol content?

Boochcraft High Alcohol Kombucha (8.7% ABV)

Of all the best Kombucha brands around today, this is one of the strongest hard Kombuchas you’ll find in the market today.

Can you drink kombucha under 21?

Some brands of kombucha are classified as alcohol, when they contain 0.5% or more alcohol by volume. You must be 21 or older to legally purchase or consume beverages with that alcohol content level. The majority of kombucha on the market are under 0.5% ABV and are non-alcoholic.

Is it bad to drink hard kombucha every day?

How Much Kombucha Tea Should You Drink per Day? Though kombucha is safe for most people, it’s best to limit your intake for several reasons. It can be high in calories and sugar, so overindulging isn’t the best choice for your health.

Can kombucha help with weight loss?

Kombucha is a great choice for rehydrating and recharging your body after exercise. Some studies have suggested that green tea, a key ingredient of kombucha, can also help to boost your metabolism and aid fat burning, which makes kombucha a great workout partner.

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Can kombucha make you fail a breathalyzer?

The truth is, even if kombucha alcohol can’t land you in jail, it could easily get you as far as the police station. If it’s fermenting, just drinking it could turn your mouth into a mini-brewery. … It’s proven beyond doubt, though, that drinking it can be bad for your breathalyzer results.

Why is kombucha illegal?

According to The Atlantic, the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau requires all drinks that are above 0.5 percent ABV to be labeled as such. In 2010, some kombucha brands tested between 0.5 and 2.5 percent ABV, making it illegal to sell the beverage to minors.