Your question: Should you use whiskey stones?

Which stones are better for whiskey?

The 6 Best Whiskey Stones in 2021

  • Best Stainless Steel: Rabbit Whiskey and Beverage Jumbo Chilling Stones. …
  • Most Unique: Areaware Geometric Whiskey Stones. …
  • Best Value: Brotec Round Granite Whiskey Stones. …
  • Best Small: Kollea Stainless Steel Reusable Chilling Whiskey Stones. …
  • Best Splurge: Eliská Whisky Cubes.

Are whiskey stones cool?

Soapstone Whiskey Stones

Not only does soapstone look extremely cool in a glass of whiskey, but it also helps to keep that tasty liquid cool. It’s ideal for this job for a number of reasons, with the main being it is non-porous, which means that it does not absorb smells or tastes.

Are whiskey stones reusable?

Whiskey rocks (also known as whiskey stones) are a sophisticated and reusable alternative to ice cubes, helping to keep drinks chilled without diluting the whiskey’s flavor, which is a common problem when using ice.

Can you heat whiskey stones?

The other beauty of whisky stones is that they’re actually multipurpose. … Faisal uses his whisky stones to keep drinks warm. You can pop them in the microwave or use some hot water to get them to the right temperature, then use them in your hot beverage of choice.

What is the best way to chill whiskey?

If you want to cool your whiskey, control the amount of dilution, and have nothing clinking around in your glass, your best option is to shake the whiskey over ice. It will warm up faster than your other options, but that’s the only major sacrifice when it comes to the overall experience.

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Is granite or stainless steel better for whiskey stones?

Whiskey stones come in one of three materials: stainless steel, granite, or soapstone. Each material has specific chilling characteristics, price point, and aesthetic quality. … Granite and stainless steel retain temperatures better than soapstone, keeping your whiskey chilled longer.