Your question: How much is the wine pairing at French Laundry?

How much is wine at French Laundry?

To have the full French Laundry experience, you should consider pairing your food with wine. Wines by the glass are around $35 for whites and $45 for reds. Bottles cost hundreds of dollars. And if you bring your own, there is a $150 corkage fee.

How much is the tasting menu at The French Laundry?

After thirteen weeks of a temporary closure, the French Laundry initially began offering outdoor dining in early July, with a tasting menu at its usual, non-pandemic price of $350.

Is The French Laundry worth the money?

If you have an appreciation for tasting menus and impeccable service, then yes…the French Laundry is worth it. We had done a handful of tasting menu experiences ahead of this one, and I can say with confidence that The French Laundry was the best overall food/service experience I’ve had at a restaurant.

Is French Laundry the most expensive?

Keep in mind that The French Laundry prices are among the most expensive in California but when the overall fine dining experience is considered, it’s the best value for your money ever.

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Can you bring wine to French Laundry?

If you want to bring your own wine to The French Laundry or Per Se, you can, but be prepared to pay $150 a bottle for the privilege. … “It’s plain old gouging,” said Tom Wark, executive director of the American Wine Consumer Coalition.

How much is dinner for 2 at the French Laundry?

The French Laundry costs $350 per person to dine and there are two set menus, the Chef’s Tasting (meat and seafood) and the Tasting of Vegetables. It’s 9 courses, not including the opening “appetizers”, aka Amuse Bouche.

Do you tip at the French Laundry?

Don’t tip. … The tip is included in the bill. But if you feel inclined to butter your waiter and add more gratuity, please do so. They won’t decline.

Who is the owner of French Laundry?

Are kids allowed at the French Laundry?

The French Laundry is in NO WAY appropriate for children under the age of 10. It is intimate, elegant and offers some of the world’s finest cuisine & service.