Which of the following alcohol is most reactive towards Lucas reagent?

Which alcohol is most reactive with Lucas reagent?

Tertiary alcohols react immediately with Lucas reagent as evidenced by turbidity owing to the low solubility of the organic chloride in the aqueous mixture. Secondary alcohols react within five or so minutes (depending on their solubility).

Which of the following alcohol will be most reactive toward zncl2 HCL Lucas reagent?

Lucas test: 3∘ alcohol is most reactive.

Which of the following alcohol will least react with Lucas reagent?

Therefore, 1∘-alcohol donot react with Lucas reagent at room temperature. The benzyl and allyl alcohols react as rapidly as 3∘ alcohols with Lucas reagent because their carbocations are resonance stabilised and are stable. Thus, CH3CH2CH2OH (1∘ alcohol) is least reactive.

Why primary alcohol do not react with Lucas reagent?

Explanation: When primary alcohol reacts with Lucas reagent, ionization is not possible because primary carbocation is too unstable. So the reaction does not follow SN1 mechanism. Primary alcohol reacts by SN2 mechanism which is slower than SN1 mechanism.

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Why are there two layers in the Lucas test?

The lucas test involves testing an alcohol that is soluble in the Lucas reagent. When a secondary or tertiary alcohol reacts with the reagent it forms a secondary or tertiary alkyl chloride. The alkyl… ide is not soluble in the original layer so it forms a second layer.

Which alcohol is more reactive towards HCl?

This reaction is fastest in 3∘-alcohols. Which of the following alcohols will yield the corresponding alkyl chloride on reaction with concentrated HCl at room temperature ? Thinking process: To solve this problem, students should keep in mind that tertiary alcohol being most reactive react at room temperature.

Which alcohol is least reactive with HCl?

Usually, when treated with HBr or HCl alcohols, they undergo a nucleophilic replacement reaction to create an alkyl halide and water. In ethanol, HCl should be extremely soluble – almost as soluble as it is in water.

Which of the following alcohols is more reactive towards HCl?

So the Benzylic alcohol will be more reactive and it will form benzylic carbocation after removal of water which is resonance stabilized as shown below: so the correct answer is 4.

Why is zncl2 used in Lucas reagent?

The function of [ZnC{{l}_{2}}] in Lucas test for alcohols is: a.) To act as an acid catalyst and react with HCl to form [{{H}_{2}}ZnC{{l}_{4}}] … Alcohols in organic compounds react with Lucas reagent and form Alkyl halides as the products.

Does phenol give Lucas test?

Phenol being a primary alcohol doesn’t give Lucas Test. It is not possible to ionise when primary alcohol reacts with Lucas reagent because primary carbocation is too unstable.

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