Which is more volatile water or alcohol Why?

Why is alcohol more volatile than water?

Detailed Solution

Alcohols are more volatile than water because they are less polar. Ethanol is much less “sticky” and more readily enters the gaseous phase, hence it is more volatile.

Is alcohol volatile than water?

The vapour pressure is an indication of a liquid’s evaporation rate. It relates to the tendency of particles to escape from the liquid(or solid). A substance with a high vapour pressure at normal temperature is often referred to as volatile. So, alcohol is more volatile than water.

Why is water more volatile?

Almost every chemical is more volatile at higher temperatures than at lower ones. Water, which evaporates faster on a hot day than on a cold one, is a good example of this. Volatility is also affected by atmospheric pressure. Liquids are more volatile at higher altitudes, where atmospheric pressure is less.

Why alcohols are highly volatile?

Less hydrogen bonding is expected between molecules of a volatile liquid compared with other less volatile liquids. … The hydrogen atom of the hydroxyl group (OH) in ethanol increases the potential for hydrogen bonding between neighboring ethanol molecules. Compared to methoxymethane, ethanol is not nearly as volatile.

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Which is more volatile water or methanol?

Volatile liquids produce vapour easily and have a greater vapour pressure at a given temperature. … Ethanol, b.p. 79ºC is more volatile than water, b.p.100ºC, whereas methanol, b.p. 56ºC, is more volatile than ethanol. Temperature. The temperature is a measure of the average kinetic energy of the particles in a system.

Which is more volatile water or petrol?

Petrol Is Most Volatile . … ➡Some hydrocarbons are more volatile (evaporate morequickly) than petrol. Diesel and kerosene both are examples.

Is ethanol less dense than water?

Although alcohol also contains oxygen atoms, its molecules are not able to pack together as tightly as water molecules, and so it is less dense than water.

What is the meaning of volatile liquid?

A volatile substance can be defined as (1) a substance that evaporates readily at normal temperatures and/or (2) one that has a measurable vapor pressure. The term volatile usually applies to liquids. … The rate at which a substance vaporizes (volatilizes) under a fixed set of conditions is called the evaporation rate.

Is acetone is the least volatile liquid?

Acetone is actually a violent volatile liquid. Acetone’s boiling point is 56 degree Celsius. It’s “a” ,because the ignition temperature of acetone is very…y less ,hence it burns so fast.it is a volatile substance.

What does highly volatile mean?

adjective. A situation that is volatile is likely to change suddenly and unexpectedly.

Which alcohol is the most volatile?

As noted in the first response, methanol is more volatile than ethanol. Methanol and ethanol would both have both hydrogen bonding (a relatively strong type of dipole-dipole attraction) and London dispersion forces.

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Why is acetone more volatile than water?

Acetone has the weakest intermolecular forces, so it evaporated most quickly. Water had the strongest intermolecular forces and evaporated most slowly. … Acetone does not participate in hydrogen bonding, so its intermolecular forces are comparatively weaker, and it evaporates most quickly.

What does nonvolatile mean?

: not volatile: such as. a : not vaporizing readily a nonvolatile solvent. b of a computer memory : retaining data when power is shut off.

What is another word for volatility?

What is another word for volatility?

capriciousness excitability
fitfulness uncertainty
fluidity oscillation
vacillation shakiness
transience impermanence