Where does Josh wine come from?

Is Josh a California wine?

Josh Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon grapes come from California’s best growers and our winemaker builds a superior wine blend in the signature Josh Cellars style: fruit forward and rich, with approachable tannins and a long finish.

Why is Josh wine called Josh?

So we made 1,200 cases of what we thought would be a one-off bottling, and I named it Josh, in honor of my dad. But consumers decided they wanted more. In 2012, I worked out a partnership with Deutsch Family, a large wine distributor, who took over the sales and marketing arm of the business. And the rest is history.”

What kind of wine is Josh legacy?

A rich, velvety red blend bursting with flavors of ripe plum, black cherry and toasted cedar with scents of dark fruit and pepper. This is a delicious, well-balanced blend made to exacting standards.

Is Josh Cellars wine vegan?

Josh Cellars- Josh cellars wines are all vegan , they are my go-to for the most part when I an running to target to get some wine for the house. This is a perfect gift for anyone , a clean wine is always a good wine.

What wine is low in sulfites?

A great low sulfite wine option is red wine. Because red wine has more tannins than white wine, it naturally has more antioxidants present. These antioxidants help to preserve the wine, keeping the wine tasty, bright in color, and bacteria-free, with minimal intervention from the winemakers.

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What kind of wine is J Lohr?

Lohr, we have sustainably farmed for decades in our chosen appellations of Monterey, Paso Robles, and Napa Valley. Cool-climate Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from Monterey’s Arroyo Seco and Santa Lucia Highlands. Cabernet Sauvignon and other Bordeaux grapes, as well as Rhone varieties from the warmer climes of Paso Robles.

Does Josh make a white wine?

Sauvignon Blanc | Delicious White Wine From Josh Cellars.

Where is the Josh winery?

Josh Cellars is a Californian wine estate, producing a collection of both Bordeaux and Burgundian-style wines. sourcing grapes from a selection of vineyards in St Helena, Rutherford, Stags Leap District and Sonoma Coast.

How old is Joseph Carr?

Joseph Carr

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Who makes Justin wine?

When billionaire Stewart Resnick bought Justin Vineyards and Winery near Paso Robles in late 2010, the purchase made headlines far and wide: One of San Luis Obispo County’s most respected wineries had been sold to a water bottling company owned by a major player in California’s agriculture and water business.