What wines can be shipped to Kentucky?

Can you get wine shipped to Kentucky?

Kentucky’s law to allow for the direct-to-consumer (DTC) shipping of wine, beer and spirits by producers became effective on July 15, 2020. Upon approval of the regulations on Dec. … A copy of the quarterly direct shipment report must be submitted to the Kentucky ABC via email or U.S. mail.

What wine companies ship to Kentucky?

Kentucky Wine Clubs & Wine Subscriptions

  • International Premier Club. by International Wine of the Month Club. …
  • Firstleaf. Ships to Kentucky.
  • Plonk Wine Club. Ships to Kentucky. …
  • Italian Wine Club. by Roscioli. …
  • High-End Int’l Club. by International Wine of the Month Club. …
  • The Masters Series. …
  • Bold Reds Club. …
  • Connoisseur’s Choice.

Why can’t I have wine shipped to Kentucky?

Notably, Kentucky’s bill will allow all alcoholic beverages to be shipped to the states’ residents. However, only parties that hold a production license issued by their home state will be eligible for a License to Direct Ship to Consumers, meaning retailers are not permitted to ship DtC into Kentucky.

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Can you get alcohol shipped to Kentucky?

The state of Kentucky enacted a direct-to-consumer (DTC) shipping law for beer, wine, and spirits, effective July 15, 2020, and on December 14, 2020, finally issued the regulations to implement the new law.

What states do not allow alcohol to be shipped?

Most states in the US allow alcohol delivery. The states that don’t allow delivery at all are Alabama, Mississippi, Utah, and Kentucky, while Rhode Island and Delaware have some restrictions. All other states allow for alcohol delivery but may have some exceptions, rules, or regulations that are specific to that state.

Can you buy wine online in KY?

(WKRC) – Kentucky is now allowing consumers to buy alcohol online directly from producers, and have it shipped to their homes. The Kentucky General Assembly passed the bill earlier this year allowing the new system, and it finally into effect Monday.

Does winc deliver to Ky?

We are only able to ship to states which have laws that permit shipment of wine directly to consumers. Currently we are unable to accept orders that are delivered to addresses in AK, AL, AR, DE, HI, KY, MI*, MS, NJ, RI, SD*, and UT. … The laws regarding the direct wine shipments are constantly changing.

Can I order wine online?

Online wine stores are a convenient place to shop for vino without leaving your home. The best places to buy wine online include NakedWines.com, ReserveBar, and Drizly. You must be 21+ years to place and receive orders, and certain states have restrictions on alcohol delivery.

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Is it legal to ship alcohol?

It is technically legal to ship alcohol in the United States. … The only people who can legally ship alcohol are companies who are licensed to sell alcohol to parties in states that permit shipments. So, if you are not licensed to ship alcohol, then you will not be able to do so.

What States Can alcohol be shipped to?

Six states—Florida, Hawaii, Kentucky, Nebraska, New Hampshire and Rhode Island—and the District of Columbia authorize the direct shipment of all spirits as specified. Eight states allow the direct shipment of beer and wine as specified: Delaware, Massachusetts, Montana, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, Vermont and Virginia.

Can QVC ship wine to Kentucky?

Ships To United States: May not ship to the following states – Alaska, Hawaii, Utah, Deleware, Rhode Island, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, and Kentucky. Please check QVC website.

Can you ship liquor from Kentucky to Florida?

Visitors can only ship bottles if the destination state allows alcohol shipments and the location isn’t in dry territory, said Eric Gregory, president of the Kentucky Distillers’ Association. … Each visitor can ship up to 4.5 liters of spirits — which is six standard-sized bottles — per day.

Can you have bourbon shipped?

USPS prohibits all shipments of beer, spirits, and wine both domestically and internationally. USPS also has strict laws on the packaging for shipments that previously carried alcohol. If a package has any labels or branding of an alcohol company, USPS will not process the shipment and reject it.

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