What wine has a smoky flavor?

What gives wine a smoky flavor?

The combination of volatile phenols and glycosides create “smoke taint” – both aromatic and tactile in the mouth. Wine drinkers may smell smoke or other off flavors and experience a drying of their mouth when high concentrations of the chemicals are present in wine.

What does smoky wine mean?

A wine which has a smoky character in its bouquet and flavor profile is often one which has been aged in a medium toast barrel or a barrel with heavier toasting and/or those with toasted heads. … The difference between a wine aged in oak and those with “added” smoky flavor are very noticeable.

What wine has a peppery taste?

Many syrahs around the world can also have this character. Other grapes with pronounced peppery aromas can include Négrette, Gamay, Pineau d’Aunis, Zinfandel, Petite Syrah and ruby Ports.

What does smoky taste mean?

: having a flavor, taste, or appearance of smoke. : very attractive or sexy.

What type of red wine is smoky?

Pinotage, a signature South African grape, tends to be big on gamy, smoky flavour often described as bacon-like. More quintessentially, the suggestion of bacon fat or smoked meat is cherished by fans of French Rhône Valley wines that are predominantly or exclusively made from the syrah grape.

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Can wine smoky?

If grapes are exposed to smoke, especially for extended periods of time, they can impart unwanted flavors into finished wine. That’s smoke taint, and it has the capability to ruin entire vintages of wine. “Can you imagine licking an ashtray?” Oberholster said. “When wines are heavily impacted, it can taste like that.”

What causes smoke taint?

When vineyards and grapes are exposed to smoke this can result in wines with undesirable sensory characters, such as smoky, burnt, ashy or medicinal, usually described as ‘smoke tainted’. … The compounds in smoke primarily responsible for the taint are the free volatile phenols that are produced when wood is burnt.

What does smoke tainted wine taste like?

What does smoke-tainted wine taste like? Drinking smoke-tainted wines is very unpleasant. The wines can smell and taste like campfire, chemical like or even ashtray depending on the types of compounds present. The wines also taste very dry, dusty and can be quite bitter or acrid at the extreme level.

What does smoke taint taste like?

Common descriptors for smoke-tainted wines include burnt, medicinal and campfire. The best quote I read during my research on this topic came from a guy in California who said… “if you’re particularly fond of licking wet ashtrays, you’ll like this wine.” … A wine might smell fine but taste off.