What is the difference between Burgundy and red wine?

What’s the difference between Burgundy and red wine?

The wines of Bordeaux and Burgundy are quite different. Generally, red Bordeauxs will be bigger, heavier and more tannic or drying than wines from Burgundy. I’d expect purple fruit, tobacco and anise flavors in Bordeaux, while Burgundies should show off red fruit flavors, spice and fresh earth notes.

Is Burgundy wine considered a red wine?

Burgundy. Burgundy wine is made in the Burgundy region of France. Wines referred to as Burgundys are usually dry red wines that are made using Pinot Noir grapes. These wines generally have full bodied, complex earthy flavors.

Why is Burgundy wine so expensive?

Another reason why Burgundy is expensive is because the quality level of the wine (as a general rule) is so high and their popularity is equally high. The basic law of supply and demand. Many of the high-end wines in Burgundy are vanity wines. Wines meant to show off and flaunt.

Is Burgundy a good wine?

This Grand Cru is one of the world’s most famous and expensive wines. Over the centuries, Burgundy has become known for being the best land in the world for producing both Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, and it is for this reason that Burgundy wines have received such acclaim.

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Which is sweeter Merlot or Shiraz?

Merlot wines are sweeter, but they are not sugar-sweet, rather they are fruit sweet, but Shiraz is more robust and masculine in flavors, and is more full-bodied.

Which is better Bordeaux or Burgundy?

Burgundy tends to be a bit more well-rounded, producing both reds and whites in equal quality, while Bordeaux is famous for the reds, particularly Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. … Burgundy produces plenty of both red and white but the most popular of each are the Pinot Noir and the Chardonnay.

Why is Burgundy wine so popular?

Burgundy’s reputation is the result of being at the forefront of the wine world for centuries. … “The unique character of the climats, their position in the hierarchy of Premiers and Grands Crus, and the culture and history of the Bourgogne winegrowing region make this a territory of outstanding universal value.

Why is Burgundy famous?

Burgundy has long been known as a place of artistic and historical interest, famous for its Romanesque heritage and exceptional wines, but it also holds many surprises.

How much is a good Burgundy?

Good examples can range from $50 to $125 or more now. So we settled for the Côte Chalonnaise, Mercurey in particular, which will not give the same picture of varied terroirs as those other wines. But at least they can suggest what red Burgundy can deliver in terms of aromas, flavors and textures.