What is in Genesee Cream Ale?

Is Genesee Cream Ale any good?

Notes: “Genny” Cream Ale. Smooth like a lager. Crisp like an ale. … Our cream ale has won numerous awards throughout the years and remains just as smooth and flavorful as it’s always been.

Does Cream Ale need to be refrigerated?

Cream ales are served refrigerated and highly carbonated.

Is Genesee beer A lager?

Genesee Red wins a silver medal in the Vienna-style Lager category at the 24th Annual Great American Beer Festival held in Denver, Colorado.

What is Mickeys beer?

Mickey’s is a malt liquor made by the Miller Brewing Company. It has an 5.6% ABV. The Mickey’s brand was created by Sterling Brewery in Evansville, Indiana, which brewed it from 1962 through 1972.

Is hamms a good beer?

While it’s not nearly as good as my first impression led me to believe, for the price, Hamm’s is a damn good Passable Beer. I give it my highest recommendation.

What does Genny Cream Ale taste like?

In keeping with the Beer Judge Certification Program’s style definition of Cream Ale, Genessee Cream Ale has “faint malt notes” and a “corny flavor,” but neither malt, corn adjuncts nor hops play a dominant role. And as the style definition states, it’s “an ale version of the American lager style.”

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