What is considered a large wine collection?

How many bottles is considered a wine collection?

Most wine pros recommend buying at least three bottles of anything you want to cellar. “Don’t buy one bottle at a time. You’ll never drink them.

How big is a 1000 bottle wine cellar?

If you want to double that collection and store up to 1,000 bottles, your cellar needs to be a minimum of 50 square feet. Building from this base of 50 square feet, for every additional 500 bottles, add 50 square feet. For example, if you want to store 1,500 bottles, your cellar should be at least 100 square feet.

What wines to start a collection with?

6. Have a balanced mix of vintages and prices. Ideally, a new collector should aim at a balanced mix of prices, young red and whites as well as some mature wine or older vintages. You might consider adding a vintage champagne or sparkling wine to your portfolio too!

How do you keep wine for years?

The key takeaway should be to store your wine in a dark and dry place to preserve its great taste. If you can’t keep a bottle entirely out of light, keep it inside of a box or wrapped lightly in cloth. If you opt for a cabinet to age your wine, be sure to select one with solid or UV-resistant doors.

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Can I sell my wine collection?

Options for Selling Your Wine Collection

Traditionally, auctions were the place to sell fine wine. Some collectors sold single bottles while others sold entire collections. Today you can: Sell an entire collection to one buyer such as an auction house, a broker or a private individual.

How many wine bottles can you store per linear foot?

Determine Storage Capacity:

If you are installing a wine room upstairs, make sure there are enough load bearing walls and structures to support the weight. A 6-foot ceiling will hold 57 individually stored bottles per linear foot of wall space while an 8-foot ceiling will hold 75 individual bottles.

What are the key components of a wine cellar?

Given the importance of the cork then, there are at least three related components for an ideal cellar:

  1. Constant and Ambient Temperature. Having a constant temperature all year round is actually more important than the degrees. …
  2. Good Humidity. Humidity in a cellar should be in the 70 percent range. …
  3. Still Air.

How many bottles of wine should I have in my cellar?

If you drink one bottle a week of category II (two to five years) you need 52 x 3.5 = 182 bottles in your cellar. If you drink one bottle a month of five to 20 year wine you need 12 x 10 = 120 bottles. In each case, the replacement rate to keep the cellar stocked is the annual consumption.

How big is the average wine cellar?

Wine Cellar Construction Cost Considerations

Size is among the most important considerations for building this type of storage. Most cellars average between 25 and 150 square feet, with a cost between $15,000 and $62,000.

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How deep is a wine cellar?

There’s little concrete guidance on the depth of wine cellars, given the fact they’re almost all very individual structures. However, some advice suggests a home wine cellar should be around ten feet deep, while older, traditional wine cellars located in caves were up to twenty feet deep.