What happened to Brian Wilde in Last of the Summer Wine?

How many series of Last of the Summer Wine was Brian Wilde in?


Year Title Notes
1974–1977 Porridge 19 episodes
1975 The Sweeney Episode: “Thin Ice”
1976–1997 Last of the Summer Wine 116 episodes
1984–1986 The Kit Curran Radio Show 6 episodes

Is Brian Wilde married?

Is anyone from Last of the Summer Wine still alive?

Actor Robert Fyfe, best known for playing Howard in sitcom Last of the Summer Wine for 25 years, has died at the age of 90. Fyfe joined the long-running BBC show in 1985 and remained until its final episode in 2010. … He was “a truly talented and versatile actor and much loved by everyone he worked with”, she added.

What was Bill Owen’s last episode?

This was the last ever episode to be filmed with Bill Owen as Compo and finished filming days before he died.

Last Post and Pigeon
Air date 2 January 2000
Episode guide
Previous Ironing Day Next Lipstick and Other Problems

What did Juliette Kaplan died of?

How old was foggy?

Brian Wilde, the actor who played Foggy in the TV series Last of the Summer Wine and the long-suffering prison officer Barraclough in Porridge, has died aged 80.

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When did Tom Owen leave Last of the Summer Wine?

Following the death of his father, Bill, who played Compo for twenty seven years, Tom joined Last of the Summer Wine as a regular and stayed with the show until it finished in 2010.

Is Brian Wilde still married to Debra arbec?

“I didn’t make the decision lightly,” Arbec said. She’s been working there for 13 years, and “I love the people there.” That would obviously include Brian Wilde, who she met at CTV and has been married to for five years.

Is Debra arbec still married?

Since 2009, she has volunteered at the Douglas Institute, a psychiatric hospital, working with people living with severe mental illness. She is married to the educator Hal Hannaford, and has two children.