What alcohol comes in a skull?

What is skull vodka made from?

Original Crystal Head Vodka

The process begins with highest quality peaches and cream corn, distilled into a neutral grain spirit. The quadruple distilled spirit is then blended with the pristine water of Newfoundland, Canada.

Does Dan Aykroyd own skull vodka?

Crystal Head Vodka is a brand of vodkas manufactured by Globefill Inc. in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. It was conceived and founded by actor Dan Aykroyd and artist John Alexander in September 2008.

Crystal Head Vodka.

A bottle of original Crystal Head Vodka
Variants Original Aurora Onyx
Website crystalheadvodka.com

What is the legend of the crystal skulls?

Many believe these skulls were carved thousands or even tens of thousands of years ago by an ancient Mesoamerican civilization. Others think they may be relics from the legendary island of Atlantis or proof that extraterrestrials visited the Aztec sometime before the Spanish conquest.

Does Dan Aykroyd have a vodka?

Unlike other vodka brands, Crystal Head views the world differently, without limitations. The Crystal Head bottle was designed with the creative spirit in mind by creative people. Together, Dan Aykroyd and John Alexander designed the iconic skull shaped bottle as a symbol of life, reflecting power and enlightenment.

Does vodka go bad?

Does Vodka Go Bad? No, vodka really doesn’t go bad. If the bottle stays unopened, vodka shelf life is decades. … After about 40 or 50 years, an unopened bottle of vodka may have lost enough flavor and alcohol content—due to a slow, consistent oxidation—to be considered expired.

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What is the most expensive tequila?

The one-of-a-kind 1.3 liter tequila bottle, dubbed “The Diamond Sterling,” is worth $3.5 million — that’s more than a million dollars per liter. According to Culture Map, the bottle was created by Tequila Ley . 925 and it’s the most expensive bottle ever put on sale.

Does Dan Aykroyd make tequila?

Crystal Head Vodka, by Dan Aykroyd 750ML – Old Town Tequila.