Quick Answer: What’s similar to Merlot cheese?

What is similar to merlot cheese?

Other cheeses that go well with merlot include asiago, brick, muenster, gouda, brie, colby, camembert, and a blue-veined cheese like gorgonzola.

What kind of cheese is merlot cheese?

Merlot BellaVitano is a unique Cheddar-Parmesan inspired Italian farmstead cow’s cheese immersed in fine Merlot wine to give it extra tang and a delicious merlot flavour. The liquor marination adds hints of berry and plum to the nutty, fruity flavours of the rich, creamy BellaVitano.

What kind of cheese is BellaVitano?

BellaVitano is a cow’s milk cheese made by the Sartori Company of Plymouth, Wisconsin. Introduced in 1999, BellaVitano Gold is one of a number of different cheeses made by the company. It is a hard cheese with a nutty, fruity flavor and is also available in a number of flavored varieties.

What is a substitute for BellaVitano cheese?

BellaVitano Gold would be great in any recipe that calls for an Italian cheese like Parmesan or Asiago. Substitute it for the Parmesan in this delicious Spaghetti Carbonara recipe to take a classic to a new level.

Can you eat the rind on Merlot BellaVitano?

CAN I EAT THE RIND? Yes, the rind is meant to be eaten! However, some folks like to trim the rind (1/8 inches off) of our SarVecchio® Parmesan and Classic Parmesan.

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How do you eat Merlot cheese?

Merlot BellaVitano cheese tastes delicious with dried nuts and fruits, crusty Italian or French bread. Try pairing the cheese with wines such as Shiraz, Merlot and Pinot Noir. You can also pair India Pale Ales, hoppy pilsners or wheat beers for a refreshing combination.

Is Merlot cheese aged?

Inspired by Italian farmstead cheeses, this creamy rich cheese with a slight crunch is a blend of an aged Wisconsin cheddar and a full flavored Parmesan. It is then soaked in a Merlot wine and aged for 12 months.

Is Sartori cheese like parmesan?

Classic Cheese Parmesan is one of a kind Sartori cheese, with a sweet, mellow, nutty flavour balanced by a creamy, peppery finish. This artisan cheese works well in so many recipes, shaved, grated and even melted. Try it with nuts, dried fruits, whole grain crackers and whole grain bread.

Is BellaVitano cheese a cheddar?


When it comes to texture, think young, creamy cheddar with the crystalline crunch of a premium farmstead parmesan. It’s often hand-rubbed or soaked with an array of flavors like Black Pepper, Espresso, Chai, Merlot, Citrus Ginger and many more.

Is BellaVitano similar to parmesan?

Reserve Cheese. … Inspired by traditional, Italian farmstead cheese, BellaVitano Gold begins in the mouth like a premium Parmesan and finishes in award-winning style with hints of melted butter. This is where our artisan cheesemaking first began to shine.

What is Toscano cheese similar to?

Substitutes. For the hard version, you can substitute Parmesan, Asiago, Grana Padano or any Pecorino Cheese.

How do you serve espresso cheese?

This artisan cheese tastes delicious with sweet pastries, nuts, bagels, chocolate and dried apricots. Try pairing the cheese with wines such as Pinot Noir, Merlot and Chardonnay. You can also pair fruit beers, porter or barley wine with the cheese for a great combination.

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