Quick Answer: What kind of alcohol is in Kirkland eggnog?

Does Costco eggnog have alcohol?

It’s a Traditional Eggnog Liqueur

It’s a mystery why Costco decided to make eggnog spiked with rum, brandy and whiskey, but we’re not complaining. It registers a 14.75% ABV, so this eggnog packs quite a punch. This treat is the ultimate holiday beverage, and for just $9.99, it’s also a steal.

What is spiked eggnog made of?

Pour eggnog, amaretto liquor and white rum into a pitcher. Using a wooden spoon, stir to mix everything together. Pour 1/2 – 3/4 cup per serving. Garnish with cinnamon stick and a dash of nutmeg or cinnamon.

Does Original eggnog have alcohol?

As it turns out, there is alcohol in standard eggnog, but most of the stuff you’ll find in the carton at grocery stores is alcohol-free. Not all nogs are created equal. … And obviously, those eggs you’re drinking in homemade eggnog aren’t cooked. So, for a few people, that’s reason enough to stick to wine.

Is Costco eggnog good?

It’s very sweet, creamy, smooth and boozy. It’s so delicious that it’s dangerously easy to drink. You can definitely taste the whiskey and other alcohol added. Costco didn’t skimp in that department.

Is Kirkland eggnog good?

The finish provides gentle warmth with cinnamon and French vanilla taste. Priced at $9.99 for a 1.75 L bottle, Kirkland Eggnog Liqueur is the least expensive of the five Eggnog Liqueurs I’ve reviewed so far. After reviewing all five, I feel Kirkland Eggnog Liqueur is also the best tasting.

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Why is eggnog so bad for you?

But as with many holiday treats, eggnog—traditionally made with eggs, cream, milk, and sugar—is loaded with calories, fat, and added sugars. And there’s an additional health concern with eggnog: If it’s made with raw eggs, it can be a food-poisoning risk.

Can you get drunk off eggnog?

In addition to adding festive cheer to your celebrations, eggnog can certainly get you drunk — it just depends on how you like to drink it. While other drinks serve as good mixers by accident, eggnog’s natural state is actually a boozy one.

Does Silk nog have alcohol?

Despite the “Southern Comfort” branding, this eggnog makes it clear on its carton that it’s non-alcoholic—though it also includes a helpful recipe on the side: “Mix 1 quart egg nog with 1 cup Southern Comfort.

Can I mix vodka with eggnog?

The Eggnog Martini may be the answer if you find eggnog too rich or you want something a little stronger. This drink takes eggnog to the next level with the addition of vanilla vodka and amaretto for a rich, sweet, delicious treat. Eggnog is incredibly rich.

What food goes well with eggnog?

Because it’s so rich, creamy and sweet, eggnog pairs nicely with foods that have divergent flavors – savory, salty, spicy, earthy. These Ham & Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms have just the right mix of flavors. They’re seasoned with thyme, garlic and bay leaf, grated with fresh Parmesan and crowned with slices of our ham.