Question: Do you need special paper for alcohol markers?

Can you use printer paper for alcohol markers?

Cons: alcohol ink will typically bleed through printer paper very easily, so it’s best to put some type of barrier behind it. You will also need to move your markers quickly to prevent creating a hole in the paper it becomes saturated. Printer paper is typically very cheaply made, and not made with art in mind.

What surfaces can you use alcohol markers on?

Also remember that alcohol ink markers can be used not only on paper but also on metal, wood, glass, fabric, vinyl and other materials.

What paper Will alcohol markers not bleed through?

Canson XL Marker Paper Pad

Bleed-resistant and welcoming of permanent, water-based, and alcohol-based markers, Canson’s marker paper is a great-quality pick for everyday use. The sheets in this 9-by-12-inch pad are slightly waxy, which helps nibs glide across the page, prevents bleeding, and facilitates blending.

Is cardstock good for alcohol markers?

CRAFTER’S COMPANION-Ultra Smooth Premium White Cardstock. This cardstock features an ultra-smooth finish that is ideal for use with any alcohol-based marker — perfect for stamping or digital printing of images.

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What is the difference between alcohol markers and regular markers?

In the simplest terms, water based markers feature a water solution while the other features an alcohol solution. Along with alcohol, alcohol markers contain dye ink. … So, unlike water based markers, the paper won’t tear if it’s of a high quality. The truth is, alcohol markers can still tear paper as the ink is heavier.

Are Sharpies alcohol based markers?

Alcohol-based markers combine ink with alcohol. … Some common brands of alcohol-based markers include Copic, Prismacolor, or Sharpies. The markers are waterproof but alcohol-soluble, as you would probably expect.

Which side of marker paper do you use?

If you have special marker paper, make sure you’re using the right side. One side will blend. The other will leave gloppy streaks. I found out the hard way.

How do you blend markers on paper?

Start with your lightest, add your middle color, go back with your lightest to blend those two layers together, then add your darkest, then go back with your middle to blend the dark into the rest of the picture. Finish up by using your lightest color.

Can you use alcohol markers on Bristol paper?

Bristol paper is a good option when using alcohol markers. You can normally find Bristol paper that is heavy enough to handle several layers of ink and it’s relatively cheap to other paper types. The ink stays close to the surface, which makes blending easier.