Is there an app like Vivino for whiskey?

Is there a Whisky app like Vivino?

Check out Vivino, Mixtura, Hooch, Flaviar and DrinkControl.

Is there an untappd for whiskey?

Hard-to-Find Made Easy

These same drinkers may have wondered: Why is there not a comparable app for whiskey? Distiller aims to be just that. … Similar to Untappd, Distiller allows users to list which whiskeys they’ve drunk, and provide their own grades and tasting notes.

Is there a whiskey tracking app?

Distiller: Perhaps one of the best android apps available to whisky lovers, Distiller lets you track whiskies, build your own wishlist, and build your own collection. iPhone or Android for free and you can also access the tools online.

What’s the best whiskey app?

9 Best Whisky Apps for Android & iOS

  • Distiller – Your Personal Liquor Expert.
  • Whisky Suggest.
  • Flaviar.
  • Whisky Whisky Scanner.
  • Craft Bourbon.
  • Whisky Journal.
  • Drammer whisky app.
  • Drizly.

Is there a Bourbon rating app?

BoozApp is a new smartphone app that aims to offer its users a look at the whole picture of a specific bottle of liquor’s pricing, from its SRP to what shoppers consider “fair.” You’d be forgiven for thinking an app that distinguishes between suggested retail pricing and a good deal was built for those hunting down …

Is there a Bourbon version of untappd?

Bourbon Barrel Aged – Imperial Stout (2021) (Maple Edition) – Hawkers Beer – Untappd.

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