Is Mickey’s beer discontinued?

What beer is being discontinued in 2021?

The eliminated brands are Milwaukee’s Best Premium, Henry Weinhard’s Private Reserve, Keystone Ice, Hamm’s Special Light, Keylightful, Icehouse Edge, Magnum, Mickey’s Ice, High Life Light, Steel Reserve 211 and Olde English HG 8000, the company confirmed for CSP Daily News.

Is Mickeys malt liquor being discontinued?

Molson Coors’ cuts include Milwaukee’s Best Premium; although the brand’s ice beer and light beer varieties will survive. Also on the chopping block is Mickey’s Fine Malt Liquor Ice, but the core Mickey’s brand, known for its green, beehive-shaped bottles, will remain.

What happened to Milwaukee’s Best beer?

Molson Coors announced the discontinuation of the original Milwaukee’s Best in August 2021 as it cut back on its low-end beers. The Ice and Light varieties were not included in the change.

What beers does MillerCoors getting rid of?

(NEXSTAR) – It’s time to shed a tear into your beer — while it’s still in production, that is. Molson Coors will be discontinuing a number of its economy brands including Keystone Ice, Icehouse Edge and Miller High Life Light as part of a company-wide effort to “premiumize” its higher-end offerings.

Is Miller High Life a good beer?

Miller High Life is a classic American-style lager recognized for its consistently crisp, smooth taste and iconic clear-glass bottle. … As the best beer value in America, we encourage beer drinkers to “Take Back the High Life.”

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Why is there no Miller Genuine Draft?

“The MGD brand lacked an emotive meaning that was compelling at the point of purchase,” according to BrandOpus. “The team’s analysis also identified that the brand’s assets were lacking in visibility and distinctiveness which was stopping them from being easily identified and remembered.”