Is Jameson Whiskey Catholic or Protestant?

Is Jameson popular in Ireland?

Jameson is the #1 Irish whiskey in the world.

Jameson is the best-selling Irish Whiskey in the world, and the third best-selling whiskey worldwide.

What Irish Whiskey is made in Northern Ireland?

Located at the tip of Northern Ireland, Old Bushmills is the oldest of the Irish distilleries. It traces its lineage to 1608, although the distillery was officially registered in 1784. Now owned by Diageo, Bushmills produces complex, fruity single malts and blends, including the rich, flavorful Black Bush.

What whiskey do the Irish drink?

Irish Whiskey

There are several types of whiskeys distilled in Ireland, most notably: malt, single pot still, grain and blended. Examples of Irish whiskey include Black Bush, Tyrconnell, Bushmills, Red Breast, Jameson, Powers Gold Label, and Tullamore Dew to name a few.

Is Guinness Catholic or Protestant?

Arthur Guinness was a Protestant, a Unionist and against Home Rule.

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