How much wine fits on a pallet?

How many wine boxes fit on a pallet?

How Many Cases of Wine in a Pallet? There is an average of 56 cases of wine in a pallet.

How many 12oz bottles are in a pallet?

12 oz. bottles we can fit up to 84 cases on a pallet. That equals 2,016 bottles.

How many cases are on a pallet?

Pallets are stacked depending on bottle type. The majority are at 112, 105, or 98 cases per pallet. A full truckload is usually between 23-30 pallets.

How many pallets can fit in a 20ft container?

A 20’ft container can hold eleven “Europallets” in one tier or nine to ten standard pallets in one tier while a 40′ container can hold 23-24 “Europallets” in one tier or 20-21 standard pallets in one tier.

How do you calculate pallet count?


  1. Multiply Length 48″ x Width 40″ x Height 28″ (22″ plus 6″ of pallet) = 53,760 cubic inches.
  2. Divide 53,760 by 1,728 = 31.1cubic feet.
  3. Divide 110 pounds (80 lbs for the carton and approximately 30 lbs for the pallet) by 31.1 cubic feet = 3.54 pounds per cubic feet (PCF), i.e., density.

How many drinks are in a pallet?

For instance, for the most popular bottle, which is the half liter (16.9 oz) with a flat cap, we can ship 72 cases (1,728 bottles) on a pallet. If ordering a 12 oz bottle, we can ship 96 cases per pallet but for a 20 oz bottle, only 54 cases will fit.

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