How much do people get paid at Total Wine?

How much does total wine pay cashiers?

How much does a Cashier at Total Wine & More make? The typical Total Wine & More Cashier salary is $13 per hour. Cashier salaries at Total Wine & More can range from $10 – $17 per hour.

Do Total Wine employees get commission?

No, there are no commissions through Total Wine & More. This is a salary position, at least at corporate headquarters. The stores and managers of stores are differently compensated – they do earn commissions based on sales.

What is the employee discount at Total Wine?

3 answers. 10% on store brand spirits.

Does Total Wine pay weekly or biweekly?

4 answers. The company pays biweekly.

What is the uniform at Total Wine?

Business Casual, black or kakhi pants with Total Wine polo shirt.

Do Total Wine employees get free wine?

CONSUMER EDUCATION CLASSES: We are proud to offer opportunities to further the product knowledge of our Team Members. A team member, plus guest, may attend our wine, beer and spirits classes for free in designated store locations.

Who are the owners of total wine?

North Bethesda, Maryland, U.S. Total Wine & More is a large, family-owned, privately held American alcohol retailer founded and led by brothers David Trone and Robert Trone.

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How does total wine work?

Members earn 10 points for every dollar spent at Total Wine & More and 15 points per dollar on every Winery Direct or Spirits Direct purchase made at Total Wine & More.

Does Total Wine pay well?

The average Total Wine & More salary ranges from approximately $33,628 per year for a Cashier to $165,000 per year for a District Manager. The average Total Wine & More hourly pay ranges from approximately $12 per hour for a Front End to $24 per hour for a Senior Specialist.