How do you use wine in a sentence?

How do you put wine in a sentence?

treat to wine.

  1. When wine is in truth is out.
  2. There are lees to every wine.
  3. Don’t put new wine into old bottles.
  4. Good wine needs no bush.
  5. He cries wine and sells vinegar.
  6. Wine in the bottle does not quench thirst.
  7. Friendship is like wine—the older the better.
  8. Good wine needs no cries.

How do you use wine and dine in a sentence?

1, Our hosts wined and dined us very well. 2, The town offers many opportunities for wining and dining. 3, When we visit her,she wines and dines us splendidly. 4, Too much wining and dining is making him fat.

How do you use drink in a sentence?

drink (from something) She drank from a tall glass. He was drinking straight from the bottle. She opened the can and drank thirstily.

  1. Do you want something to eat or drink?
  2. She was drinking soda through a straw.
  3. At that age they can legally drink alcohol.
  4. He filled a cup with water and drank it down in one gulp.

What is slang for wine?

Talk to a somm or vitner, or especially a “cork dork,” and their sentences will be sprinkled with slangy descriptors. To them, wines can be “silky” or “foxy,” “lacey” or “flabby,” “chewy” and “crunchy,” smelling “floral” or even like “cat’s pee.”

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How do you use cigarette in a sentence?

Cigarette sentence example

  1. He rolled a cigarette as he spoke. …
  2. She finished the cigarette and lit another. …
  3. Placing a cigarette in the corner of his mouth, his long fingers then searched the pockets of his brown tweed jacket and finally emerged with a match.

What is a sentence for whine?

Whine sentence example. The whine in her voice made him cringe. The windows rattled and Larry heard a high-pitched whine somewhere behind him. Since the cars are high performance machines, you’ll hear them whine to a crescendo, then pop the exhaust as if it’s backfiring.

What does wine Me Dine Me 69 Me mean?

WineDine69 is an evening of wine and dinner followed by intimacy. … Taken literally, it would mean going on a date where two people would enjoy a lovely dinner in a cosy or plush restaurant, together with wine or champagne, flirt throughout the evening, and then enjoy indulging in a sixty-nine position.

Where do we use drinks?

drink is a singular noun I guess you can say. so: “can I have ONE drink.” drinks is plural, as in , “can my friends and I have THREE drinks.” Drink is also a verb. I drink water after I run.

What is the verb form of drink?

Each verb in English has 3 forms used in different tenses: Infinitive – to drink. Past Simple – drank. Past Participle – drunk.

What do you call a wine lover?

: a lover or connoisseur of wine.