How can I open a wine shop in Gujarat?

How can I get wine shop Licence in Gujarat?

Required Documents[edit]

  1. Application form.
  2. ID proof (Passport / Voter ID / PAN Card / Driving Licence)
  3. Residence proof (Passport / Voter ID / PAN Card / Driving Licence)
  4. Age proof.
  5. Supporting document from statutory body.
  6. Aadhar Card.
  7. Notary attested Affidavit.
  8. Passport size photograph.

How can I open a liquor store in Gujarat?

Apply In-Person:

  1. Liquor consumption is illegal in Gujarat.
  2. Link for contact details : Contact link.
  3. Go to the license issuing authority of your area to do the preliminary round of discussion to obtain the license. …
  4. Applicant shall collect the application form from the authority or write as advised.

How much does it cost to start a wine store?

Costs for a small startup wine store can range from $50,000 to over $300,000. Your first year’s revenue may be negative, depending on your location. This is a business that can take a few years to turn a profit.

Who can apply for liquor permit in Gujarat?

1. Liquor Permit: Foreign Tourists who desires to visit the State of Gujarat and would like to buy, possess, transport, use and consume bottled liquor can obtain the Liquor Permit from an authorized dealer or hotel in Gujarat.

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Can I carry liquor to Gujarat in flight?

Hi, First and foremost, you will not be allowed to carry any alcohol on domestic flight as Cabin Baggage. You will need to pack the same securely in your Check-In Baggage. Please retrain the proof of purchase with you and secure a permit at Ahmedabad either at airport or at the authorised places.

Can you drink alcohol in Gujarat?

Gujarat. … Gujarat has a sumptuary law in force that proscribes the manufacture, storage, sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages. The legislation has been in force since 1 May 1960 when Bombay State was bifurcated into the states of Maharashtra and Gujarat.

What is the procedure of liquor permit in Gujarat?

There are two ways of acquiring a liquor license in Gujarat. One is online, by applying online on the Government of Gujarat’s official website ‘E-Permit’ and the offline process requires you to submit necessary documents and avail the permit in person.

How can I get liquor license in Ahmedabad airport?

The process of obtaining the permit would be the same at the airport. “The visitor will need to show his residence proof, signifying that he lives outside the state and pay nominal charges to obtain the permit,” an official said. Information about the location of liquor shops would also be provided with the permit.

Is liquor available in Ahmedabad?

There are many Hotels in Ahmedabad city where you can buy liquor legally. There are not one or two but more than 10 Hotel from where you can avail alcohol if you are not from Gujarat. … After the licence is provided it will be a pass for them to buy alcohol from any authorised liquor shop across the state.

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How do I start selling wine online?

How Do I Start An Online Alcohol Business?

  1. Research The Market & Your Competitors.
  2. Choose The Perfect Niche.
  3. Name Your Alcohol Business.
  4. Build The Alcohol Delivery App Platform.
  5. Get The Necessary Licenses & Permits.
  6. Get The Product/Sellers.
  7. Setup The Delivery Infrastructure.
  8. Market Your Wine Business Platform.