Frequent question: What fruits go well with red wine?

Which fruit is good with wine?

The Best Fruits for Making Homemade Wine

  • Apples make a light white wine that is best when aged at least 2 years. …
  • Blackberries yield a bold red wine, best when aged 2 years. …
  • Blueberries make a light rosé that is ready to drink after just 1 year.

What does red wine pair well with?

Red wines pair best with bold flavored meats (e.g. red meat). White wines pair best with light-intensity meats (e.g. fish or chicken). Bitter wines (e.g. red wines) are best balanced with fat. It is better to match the wine with the sauce than with the meat.

Can you eat fruit with wine?

Vegetables and fruits tend to be highly collaborative foods. That makes most of them fairly easy to pair with wine because they show a more diverse range of flavors.

What fruit goes well with sweet red wine?

In summer we can find ripe strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, cherries, blackberries, currants and pomegranates. These fruits of intense red shades combine perfectly with wines of similar tones. We can pair them with rosés and young, fruity, red wines.

What should not be eaten with red wine?

Below, check out the foods that you should never pair with wine.

  • Artichokes. Artichokes mess with the taste of your wine. …
  • Asparagus. It’s hard to find any wine that pairs well. …
  • Blue cheese. It will overpower pretty much any wine. …
  • Brussels sprouts. …
  • Chocolate. …
  • Eggs. …
  • Kale. …
  • Soy sauce.
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Can I eat apple with red wine?

Stay refreshed with a plate of assorted fresh fruits that will add a punch to your wine. While the crunch of apples and pears will provide you a complimentary texture, the luscious juices of berries and grapes will augment the flavours of the wine.

What fruit goes well with wine and cheese?


Type of Cheese Fruit Pairings
Bleu Pears, figs, blackberries
Brie Pears, plums, apples, strawberries
Cheddar Apples, grapes
Cream cheese Raspberries, kiwis, strawberries

How do you pair wine with fruit?

How to Pair Fruit Wines and Food with Delicious Results

  1. Pair peach wine with smoky or spicy foods. A true gourmet experience is about building a superlative flavor profile via contrast. …
  2. Enjoy Apple wine with blue cheese, apple pie, or pancakes. …
  3. Drink blueberry wine while noshing on cheesecake.