Can you make a tincture with 80 proof vodka?

Can you use vodka to make tinctures?

To make a tincture, use 4 ounces finely chopped or ground dried herbs. Put them in a container that can be tightly sealed. Add 1 pint of 80 proof vodka or other grain alcohol and tightly seal the container.

Can you make 40% vodka tincture?

For the majority of tinctures made using dried herbs, any type of alcohol (vodka, brandy, whiskey, gin, etc.) that has a 40-50% alcohol content will suffice. These alcohols are readily available and are labeled with the alcohol percentage on the front of the bottle, which is written using the term “proof.”

Can you use any alcohol for tinctures?

In some states, pure grain alcohol is illegal. In this case, you can use vodka or similar. Some herbalists have made tinctures using white rum, brandy, or even sake! Once you’re confident in the preparation process, you can certainly get creative.

Can I use cheap vodka for tinctures?

You can use any other type of liquor you want as well. It needs to be at least 50 proof (25% alcohol) to preserve the tincture. The highest number of chemicals will be extracted at 80-100 proof (with the exception of the the highly oily/resinous plants). When in doubt, use vodka.

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What vodka brands are 100 proof?

Our Top High Proof Vodka Picks

  • 6 Finlandia 101. This is a higher-proof version of Finlandia’s standard vodka. …
  • 5 Belvedere Intense 100 Proof Vodka. …
  • 4 Absolut 100. …
  • 3 Svedka 100. …
  • 2 Smirnoff Blue 100 Proof. …
  • 1 Stolichnaya 100 Proof.

How much alcohol does it take to keep a tincture?

You want to use either 80 or 100 proof alcohol. Half the proof is equal to the percent of alcohol, so 80 proof is made up of 40 % alcohol (and 60 % water). Cover the tincture and let sit for at least 4-6 weeks or one moon cycle.

Can you speed up a tincture?

In terms of speeding up the tincture making process, one can immerse the tincture jars in a hot water bath for a few days and/or reduce the herb and menstrumm to a slurry in the blender — but I still feel that anything less than six weeks is not ideal.