Can NRI drink alcohol in Gujarat?

Can NRI carry alcohol in Gujarat?

The Government of Gujrat issues online liquor permits to foreign tourists and NRI’s during their visit to Gujrat. Any foreigner including NRI’s can visit the Gujrat Prohibition website ( and apply online for the same.

Can foreigners drink in Gujarat?

Here’s how. I have only been in Gujarat four days and it’s been good to me so far. I’m staying in the northern part of Ahmedabad and I love the smooth, wide roads and less traffic.

Can I bring alcohol to Gujarat?

Airline has refused to give and informed him that he can not bring liquor in Gujarat as it is a dry state where there is prohibition on liquor.

How can I get alcohol permit in Gujarat?

Required Documents[edit]

  1. Application form.
  2. ID proof (Passport / Voter ID / PAN Card / Driving Licence)
  3. Residence proof (Passport / Voter ID / PAN Card / Driving Licence)
  4. Age proof.
  5. Supporting document from statutory body.
  6. Aadhar Card.
  7. Notary attested Affidavit.
  8. Passport size photograph.

Can you carry alcohol in Gujarat by train?

“Those who buy alcohol to carry on trains to Gujarat are not only bootleggers but even ordinary passengers.” … “Carrying of liquor often happens in connivance with the Railway Protection Force and Government Railway Police,” the official said.

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Do 5 star hotels in Gujarat serve alcohol?

None of the hotels in Gujarat can serve you alcohol. … No hotel does not serve alcohol.. you can buy it from A few other hotels and consume in your room.. you need a boarding pass or train ticket as proof.. along with stay address proof to buy..

Is Vadodara a dry state?

VADODARA: Gujarat has become a hub of drugs because of the “hypocrite prohibition policy of the state government”, alleged former chief minister Shankarsinh Vaghela on Saturday. … Gujarat has prohibition in place as the state is considered land of Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Patel.

Can I take alcohol to Gujarat in flight?

Hi, First and foremost, you will not be allowed to carry any alcohol on domestic flight as Cabin Baggage. You will need to pack the same securely in your Check-In Baggage. Please retrain the proof of purchase with you and secure a permit at Ahmedabad either at airport or at the authorised places.

What is fine for drinking alcohol in Gujarat?

Gujarat is the only Indian state with a death penalty for the manufacture and sale of homemade liquor that results in fatalities. The legislation is titled the Bombay Prohibition (Gujarat Amendment) Act, 2009. The legislation was prompted by numerous deaths resulting from the consumption of methyl alcohol.

What is the fine for carrying alcohol in Gujarat?

A dry state for almost six decades, Gujarat has now made its prohibition law even more stringent. But that’s only for locals who could now end up in jail for three years and pay a hefty Rs 5 lakh fine if caught with a liquor bottle.

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How can I extend my liquor permit in Gujarat?

Required Documents[edit]

  1. Application form.
  2. Valid liquor license which is due for renewal.
  3. ID proof (Passport / Voter ID / PAN Card / Driving Licence)
  4. Residence proof (Passport / Voter ID / PAN Card / Driving Licence)
  5. Age proof.

Can I get liquor permit at Ahmedabad airport?

Visitors to Gujarat, India’s only state where sale and consumption of alcohol is banned, can now obtain permits to buy liquor at the domestic airport.