Can I carry alcohol in Kolkata Metro?

Is liquor allowed in Kolkata Metro?

“Commuters cannot carry any kind of inflammables, including sealed liquor bottles, dangerous objects including knives, swords, khukris and arms and ammunitions, realistic replicas of guns and sports guns and pets inside Metro trains,” the spokesperson said. …

Are pets allowed in Metro Kolkata?

Don’t In Metro Rail

Do not bring your pets in stations. Do not smoke at the station. Do not illegally cross the automatic ticket barrier.

Are dogs allowed in Kolkata Metro?

over a year ago. No dogs are not allowed there.

Is Kolkata Metro free?

KOLKATA: Metro started its first e-pass-free journey on Monday, operating the services somewhat like it did in the pre-Covid days. Trains plied at 6-minute frequencies during peak hours as 12 more daily services were added, taking the total to 240. North-south Metro’s passenger count on Monday was 1,92,007.

Can I carry alcohol in Delhi Metro?

Can I carry alcohol in Delhi Metro? The Delhi Metro has banned spirits and inflammable liquids in all forms, including sealed liquor bottles, objects such as knives, cutleries, cleavers and animals of any kind in its trains in Delhi and NCR.

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What if I enter and exit from same Metro station?

Any entry on a travel card must be followed by a valid exit from the system. If a passenger performs entry and exit from same station, Rs. … 80/- will be charged from the passenger and manual penalty receipt shall be issued. In case of any mismatch in entry/exit, passenger shall be charged as per relevant Metro rules.

Is smart card mandatory for Kolkata Metro?

Downloading an e-pass was mandatory for all to enter a Metro station. A smart card is a must to board a train. In a phased manner, the carrier has relaxed the e-pass norms. As of now, women, children (15 years and below) and senior citizens (60 years and above) do not need an e-pass throughout the day.

Where are dogs allowed in Kolkata?

Hit Up These Parks In The City With Your Furry, Four-Legged BFF

  • Deshapriya Park. Deshapriya Park. Kalighat, Kolkata. …
  • Vivekananda Park. Vivekananda Park. Ballygunge, Kolkata. …
  • Rabindra Sarobar. Rabindra Sarobar Lake. Dhakuria, Kolkata. …
  • Jodhpur Park. Jodhpur Park. Jodhpur Park, Kolkata. …
  • Citizen’s Park. Citizen’s Park. Maidan, Kolkata.

Is Kolkata Metro running today?

Kolkata Metro will run 246 (123 Up and 123 Down) daily services instead of 240 services from Monday to Friday from today from 7:30 hrs to 22:30 hrs for the convenience of the Metro commuters. Metro is going to run 06 additional daily services.

How do you make a Metro card?

How to become METRO Member?

  1. Submit your copy of your business proof & photo id to a METRO representative / METRO nearest outlet.
  2. Fill up your registration form and collect your temporary card number from nearest METRO outlet.
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