Best answer: Who first sang Cherry Wine?

Who originally wrote Cherry Wine?

Where was Cherry Wine live?


This raw emotional song was recorded live in the early morning on an abandoned hotel rooftop accompanied by the dawn chorus. Hozier recalled during a gig at Boston’s Café 939.

Is Cherry Wine about domestic violence?

The song’s lyrics offer a unique insight into an abusive relationship, shining a light on the cycle of ‘justification’ often perpetuated in domestic violence incidents; that public health experts say controls the abused, shames the victim, and shifts responsibility for the abuser’s violent behavior.

What album is cherry wine on?

Is Saoirse Ronan in Cherry Wine music video?

Hozier donated any proceeds from downloads of the single Cherry Wine to domestic abuse charities worldwide. Saoirse Ronan features in the music video by Irish musician Hozier addressing domestic abuse.

Who sang we don’t have to take our clothes off?

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