Best answer: How do I cancel my wine plan?

How do I cancel my laithwaites wine plan?

To change or cancel a Plan, you must let us know:

  1. At least 9 days prior to the scheduled delivery date of your next case; and.
  2. By accessing your Plan online in your Laithwaite’s account or by calling us on 03330 148 149.

Is it easy to cancel laithwaites wine club?

You can quickly and easily cancel your wine club membership online, though we’ll be sad to see you go! … If you’d like to cancel your wine club membership, please call us at 1-800-649-4637 or email

How do I cancel my wine club membership?

How do I cancel my Membership? You may cancel your Membership at any time after your first year. To do so please email advising us you would like to cancel your Membership.

Is the Sunday Times wine club a subscription?

The Sunday Times Wine Club’s Guarantee

Enjoy fast, convenient, unlimited delivery with no charges and exclusive offers for just £2 a month. Join Sunday Times Wine Club’s Unlimited for an annual charge of just £24 – and you’ll have paid for your membership in only three orders!

Are Laithwaites wines any good?

The range is certainly impressive, with more than 2,500 different lines, and a large fine-wine selection over £12. … That said, there are some very good wines at Laithwaites, particularly from France, Spain, Portugal and South America.

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