Best answer: Can you eat the plums in plum wine?

How is plum wine served?

Enjoy plum wine neat, on the rocks, or in a simple highball. However, the sweet and sour plum liqueur works well as a replacement for vermouth and can thus also be used in cocktails. Below you will find recipes for our Nankai Shochu-based umeshu plum wines.

Do you need to refrigerate Umeshu?

Just like vodka or whisky. If it is 100% pure Umeshu, you can keep it in a shelf either before or after opened. If it is a plum wine (mixed Umeshu and white wine or Umeshu made from Nihonshu or other white wine.), you need to keep it in a refrigerator after opened.

Are Japanese plums good for you?

Ume & Umeboshi are rich in potassium, manganese, and fibre. They help alleviate common digestive issues such as dyspepsia and bloating. The dietary fiber found in the fruit also adds bulk and roughage which ease the motion of stool and prevents constipation.

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