Why is NJ liquor license so expensive?

How much does a NJ liquor license cost?

Liquor licenses in New Jersey cost $350K and it’s crippling the state’s dining scene.

Why is it so hard to get a liquor license in New Jersey?

New Jersey has very restrictive laws when it comes to obtaining a liquor license. The licenses are issued based on population, which limits their number. This limit on the number of allowable licenses means many liquor licenses in New Jersey are bought from existing license holders.

How much is a liquor license in NJ 2021?

The Cost of a NJ Liquor License

At the time of application, a filing fee of $200 must be submitted to the local issuing authority, made payable to the Division of ABC.

What is the most expensive liquor license?

The most expensive liquor licenses are “Full Liquor Licenses” and can range in price from $3,000 and as high as $375,000, with beer and wine, type 20 licenses being as low a $2,000.

What is a Class D liquor license in NJ?

The New Jersey, Type 44 Liquor, Beer & Wine – Class (D) Liquor License Permits liquor stores & grocery stores to sell all liquor sales — beer, wine and spirits — for off-premises consumption. The NJ Type 44 liquor license grants the holder the right to sell in a specific New Jersey county.

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What is a Class C liquor license in NJ?

New Jersey Liquor License Attorney

The largest class of Alcoholic Beverage Licenses (commonly referred to as a “liquor license”) is the Class C Retailer’s License. These licenses allow the licensee to sell alcoholic beverages for off-premise consumption (liquor store) and/or on-premise consumption (bar/restaurant).

How many liquor licenses can you have in NJ?

Supermarkets, convenience stores, and gas stations in New Jersey rarely sell alcoholic beverages because state law prohibits any person or corporation from possessing more than two retail distribution licenses. While licenses for bars, restaurants and liquor stores are limited, other retail licenses are not.

How much is a liquor license in Montclair NJ?

The most recent license to sell cost close to $800,000. But a bill, if signed into law, would not only allow municipalities to create an unlimited number of special licenses for restaurants, but also at a more affordable price for potential restaurateurs.