What wine goes best with pie?

What drink goes with pie?

The 6 Best Pie & Cocktail Pairings

  • Raspberry Pie and Champagne: …
  • Apple Cranberry Pie and Cider: …
  • Cherry Pie and Red Wine: …
  • Margarita – Lemon Meringue: …
  • Pecan Pie and a Coffee Brown Ale: …
  • Chocolate Cream Pie and Irish Coffee:

What wine goes with steak pie?

Steak and Kidney Pie:

Red Bordeaux in particular, can be enjoyed more fully. A weighty Pinot Noir or a robust Ribera del Duero. Tempranillo wine is also fine.

Does wine go with apple pie?

Apple Pie pairs best with a fruity wine with both sweetness and acidity. When matching wine with food, the wine has to be at least as sweet as the food. Apple Pie is not too sweet. It pairs well with many different dessert wines.

What drinks go with meat pie?

If it’s beer as in a steak and ale pie the obvious answer is beer – a robust bitter or brown ale I suggest although you could use a strong Belgian ale like Orval or Chimay and if you prefer wine I’ve drunk old Bandol with steak pie with great success.

What wine is good with pumpkin pie?

Generally, what works with pumpkin pie are late harvest wines made from white grapes such as riesling, gewurztraminer, chenin blanc, vidal, muscat and even the red grape zinfandel.

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What drink goes with pumpkin pie?

Sweet Rieslings, sparkling wines, and ice wines all pair well with pumpkin pie, according to Wine Enthusiast. Wines that are sweet but not overpowering are key. A raisin sherry or an Australian tawny port would also play well with pumpkin pie, according to food and wine writer Fiona Beckett from Matching Food & Wine.

Does Beaujolais go with steak?

Either a relaxed Beaujolais or a Pinot Noir will go excellent with a filet. If you’re in the mood for something a bit more sophisticated, opt for a citrusy Cote-Rotie.

What meals go good with apple pie?

Fruit pies are a favourite with practically everyone and compliment most main courses easily, particularly hearty fare like seared steaks, chili con carne and roasted chicken.

What wine goes with apple crumble?

#2 Apple Crumble

The best wine to pair with this brown sugar and apple creation would be Zinfandel. The jammy fruit-forward flavors from the Zin will make a great addition to the apple crumble flavors of brown sugar, apple, and cinnamon.

What wine goes with chicken and mushroom pie?

Recommended wines for:

  • Burgundy Chardonnay. wine type. Chardonnay. Burgundy.
  • Californian Pinot Noir. wine type. red wine, dry, oaked. Pinot Noir.
  • German Riesling. wine type.