What do you call someone who distills whiskey?

What do you call someone who works at a distillery?

distiller (plural distillers) A person who distills, especially alcoholic spirits or hard liquor by a process of distillation; a person who owns, works in or operates a distillery.

What is distilled whiskey called?

Much of the whiskey you love is distilled in what’s called a continuous still. You might see it referred to as a “Coffey still,” named after the gentleman Aeneas Coffey who created and patented the still in 1831. Like pot stills, these can range in sizes and material.

Is there a whiskey sommelier?

The Council of Whiskey Masters: Scotch and Bourbon Certification & Education Program, Home of the Whiskey Sommelier.

What is a person who makes Scotch called?

The often heralded captain of the distillery, the master distiller is responsible for maintaining traditional principles of their respective distillery and experimenting to create new products for their loyal fans. They also host a bunch of VIPs and press, and are typically the face of the brand.

What is a spirits expert called?

The Certified Specialist of Spirits (CSS) Exam is a rigorous exam, which tests a candidate’s spirits knowledge and mastery of key elements within the world of distillation and spirits production. This certification is widely recognized and regarded by the international spirits industry.

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How do I become a whiskey taster?

We require that you wait a minimum of 6 months between certification levels so that you have time to build your palate, knowledge of whisky, and experience in tasting and presenting. It will take an absolute minimum of 2 years for you to become a Level 5 Whisky Sommelier. More likely it will be 10+ years.

What is the oldest whiskey in the world?

So yes, the Gordon & MacPhail Generations, 80-Years-Old from Glenlivet Distillery is the oldest whisky ever bottled and released.

What are the 3 types of whiskey?

So now, without further ado, here are the types of whiskey you need to know:

  • Irish Whiskey. Irish whiskey has a smoother flavor than other types of whiskey. …
  • Scotch Whisky. …
  • Japanese Whisky. …
  • Canadian Whisky. …
  • Bourbon Whiskey. …
  • Tennessee Whiskey. …
  • Rye Whiskey. …
  • Blended Whiskey.