What beer goes with BBQ pulled pork?

What beer goes best with BBQ?

Here are the best beers for your barbecue.

  • Best Overall: Smuttynose Old Brown Dog Ale. …
  • Best Lager: Founders Solid Gold. …
  • Best Ale: Fat Tire New Belgium Amber Ale. …
  • Best Pilsner: Pilsner Urquell. …
  • Best Wheat: Ommegang Witte. …
  • Best IPA: Shipyard Monkey First IPA. …
  • Best Dark: Deschutes Black Butte Porter.

What is the best beer to cook pork with?

Tips for Cooking with Beer

  • Wheat beers are great with chicken and seafood.
  • Ales, porters, and stouts are perfect for pork, beef, and lamb.
  • Belgian ales go great with hearty meat and game.
  • Nut-brown ales pair well with stews and cheesy dishes.

What beer goes well with smoked meat?

Porters range from 4-7% ABV. These beers are great when paired with hearty foods, red meats and are particularly good with smoked foods. Stouts – Stouts are the quintessential winter beer due to their deep rich flavor. Stouts offer a heavy roasted, robust flavor from their burnt malty ingredients.

What can I use instead of brown ale?

Easy Substitutions

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Use beef broth, chicken broth, mushroom stock, apple juice, apple cider, root beer, or coke instead of dark beer. With all of these ingredients, you want to be sure to replace the beer measure for measure to keep the liquid volume the same in your recipe.

What is a good substitute for beer in a recipe?

Beer substitutes

  • Nonalcoholic beer. Nonalcoholic beer is the easiest substitution for beer in any recipe. …
  • Chicken broth. For sauces and braising, chicken broth is a quick and easy substitute for recipes calling for light beer (lager, wheat beer, or ales).
  • Mushroom stock. …
  • Coke or Pepsi.

Is there pork in beer?

It’s true. Both beer and wine are sometimes processed using animal by-products including gelatin, casein, glycerin or in the case of Guinness – isinglass. … Generally, British beers use isinglass, gelatin, glycerin or casein. German and Belgium beers using traditional methods of brewing are vegan.

What do you drink when smoking meat?


  • Tom Terrific.
  • Mai Tai.
  • Black Cherry.
  • Citrus & Grape Sangria.
  • Cadillac Margarita.

What is the best beer for marinating meat?

The type of beer you use to marinate your steak with is your choice, but we recommend not using a light beer. Light beer will not impart as much flavor as a darker beer. We prefer to use a lager, ale, or dark stout beer that will provide you with a bold flavor that is sure to please.

What is the #1 beer in the world?


Another popular beer in the US, Budweiser is made by Belgian-Brazilian company AB InBev, which was founded in the 1850s. Budwiser is currently the most-valued beer brand worldwide and, according to Statista, was valued at $14.65 billion dollars in 2020.

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What is rated the best beer in the world?

The legendary Top 250 Rated Beers on BeerAdvocate, and arguably the best beers in the world.

Sorted by weighted rank (not shown). Avg
1 Kentucky Brunch Brand Stout Toppling Goliath Brewing Company Stout – American Imperial | 12.00% 4.9
2 Marshmallow Handjee 3 Floyds Brewing Co. Stout – Russian Imperial | 15.00% 4.81