Question: Does Madeira wine go with cheese?

What food goes with Madeira?

One of the most important is that Madeira’s powerful acidity cuts through fat, making it a noble companion to fatty meats, creamy soups, custards, souffles and rich cheeses. This acidity also helps Madeira work with citrus in some sauces and compotes.

Can you drink Madeira with cheese?

In the end the only generalizations we could make were that Madeira, unlike other fortified wines such as port, doesn’t fare so well with dense, powerful cheeses. Aged, crumbly Gouda, though widely recommended, obliterated even the richest wines; only the sweetest Malmseys could stand up to a creamy Roquefort.

Is Madeira good with cheese?

Madeira. … With a slight flavor of toasted nuts, Madeira pairs well with cheeses that also have a nutty character, such as Gruyère, Petite Basque, and Zamorano. Madeira pairs well with blue cheeses as well.

How do you serve Sercial?

Sercial is often served as an aperitif, and can be enjoyed lightly chilled, and accompanied with salted almonds, olives, smoked fish and oysters as well as cured meats. it is particularly pleasant with lighter cheeses such as goats cheese and other dry astringent cheeses such as feta.

Is Madeira wine good for drinking?

Sweeter styles of Madeira such as Malvasia are excellent digestifs and dessert wines. Serve it with blue cheeses, dried fruit, rich dark chocolate desserts, and sweet pastries with nuts, honey, or berries. If you have a well-aged Madeira, sip it on its own like a fine Cognac.

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What do you drink Madeira with?

Most people think of Madeira as an after dinner wine, but its diverse styles and high acidity make it a a great partner with food. The greatest pairing ever is peanut butter cups and a glass of 1912 Verdelho Madeira ($475). Winter and fall soups, such as butternut squash, make an amazing compliment to Bual Madeira.

What wine is best with cheese and crackers?

Try Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon or Barolo. Pair aged Gouda, Jarlsberg and Edam with these wines as well. Match nearly any bread or cracker with these wines, including those with strong rye or caraway flavors.