How do you say lager beer in French?

What is lager beer in French?

French Translation. bière blonde. More French words for lager beer. la bière blonde noun. lager beer.

How do you ask for a pint of lager in French?

It Comes In Pints! – Beer In French

  1. Une bière s’il vous plait. A beer please.
  2. Then le barman (the bartender) asked me:
  3. Laquelle ? Which one? …
  4. Un demi ou une pinte ? A half-pint or a pint? …
  5. Une bière. A beer. …
  6. La même chose que lui. The same thing as him. …
  7. Voici un petit vocabulaire de la bière :
  8. La bière – Beer.

Is lager a dark beer?

Historically, all lagers were dark as brewers only had access to dark malts, something that changed in the 19th century. The term “lager” refers to the process of lagering, or laying down, of the beer, sometimes for several months.

How do you say give me a beer in French?

Give me a beer. Allez, donne-moi une bière.

How do you order two beers in French?

The French translation for “2 beers please” is deux bières s’il vous plaît.

What is vodka called in French?

eau-de-vie à base de seigle, de blé, mais aussi de pomme de terre ou de betterave.

Cross Translation:

From To Via
• vodka → vodka wodka — een heldere, kleurloze en nagenoeg geurloze sterkedrank
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