Frequent question: Can I buy alcohol online in Kolkata?

Can liquor be ordered online in Kolkata?

Swiggy, the popular food delivery start-up, will now deliver alcohol in Kolkata and Siliguri. The users can order liquor through the wine shops tab from their Swiggy mobile app, the company said. After Jharkhand and Odisha, Swiggy is planning start alcohol delivery in 24 major cities in West Bengal.

How can I order alcohol in Kolkata?

All you have to do is go to the wine shops tab on their app and place your order. You’ll have to confirm your age through their user authentication process as well as take a selfie and upload a valid ID proof to get alcohol delivered to your home.

Is alcohol delivery legal in Kolkata?

Kolkata had allowed alcohol delivery last year and has decided to continue the operations this year as well. Platforms like Swiggy and HipBar are operational throughout the region.

Can I order Whisky online in Kolkata?

So buy whisky, wine, rum, gin, vodka, beer to chill and relax at home in Kolkata is the safest thing to do. … You can use the liquor delivery apps to order at for homedelivery at Kolkata, or office delivery in Kolkata, liquor delivery for marriage party, liquor party for weekend.

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Can Swiggy deliver alcohol?

Meanwhile, Zomato’s rival Swiggy has decided to stick around in the alcohol delivery vertical. The company currently delivers alcohol in West Bengal and Odisha, and has reached out to other state governments for permission, a Swiggy spokesperson told us on Saturday, April 24.

Can I order alcohol on Swiggy?

Swiggy has implemented multiple safety measures to ensure safe home delivery of alcohol orders. Customers need to complete an one-time instant age verification by uploading a picture of their valid government ID, followed by a selfie which the platform will use for authentication.

Does BigBasket deliver alcohol?

Amazon And BigBasket Can Now Deliver Alcohol Like Beer, Wine.

Is zomato delivering alcohol in Kolkata?

Food-delivery gains Zomato and Swiggy will start delivering alcohol in various cities of West Bengal including Kolkata and Siliguri. … The alcohol delivery service has gone live in Kolkata, Siliguri, and Swiggy plans to expand the services in 24 other cities across Bengal.

What is the price of beer in Kolkata?

West Bengal Liquor & Beer Pricing – Updated

Liquor Category : Foreign Liquor
Heineken Lager Beer 330 Ml. 100.00
Heineken Lager Beer 330 Ml. 100.00
Heineken Lager Beer 330 Ml. 110.00
Heineken Lager Beer 500 Ml. 110.00

Can I deliver alcohol in India?

Ten days ago, the Delhi government allowed home delivery of alcohol through web portals and mobile apps—by provisioning it in the Delhi Excise (Amendment) Rules, 2021. …

Can dunzo deliver alcohol?

The platform is your Dunzo for liquor. Available on Google Play and the Apple App Store, it lists out the liquor shops in your area and lets you place an order. A fee is charged for the pickup and delivery of alcohol along with your order amount.

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What is the cost of 100 pipers?

Approved Rate List –

S.No. Title MRP/Btl. (Incl.Taxes)
1 100 Pipers Blended Scotch Whisky Aged 12 Years. 2770
2 100 Pipers Blended Scotch Whisky Aged 12 Years. 715
3 100 Pipers Deluxe Blended Scotch Whisky. 2060
4 100 Pipers Deluxe Blended Scotch Whisky. 1030

Does zomato deliver alcohol?

In an unprecedented u-turn, Zomato has moved out of the liquor delivery business which was started last year amid the nationwide lockdown introduced by the Central government. Zomato is currently gearing up for its initial public offering (IPO).