Do you need 2 pieces of ID to buy alcohol in BC?

Do you need 2 pieces of ID in BC for alcohol?

An official government issued ID (including foreign government issued) with name, picture and birth date; such as a driver’s licence or passport. A secondary ID that includes name and signature or picture; such as a credit card or student ID.

What are two pieces of ID in BC?

Acceptable Primary Identification

  • B.C. Driver’s Licence or learner’s licence (must have your photo)
  • BCID.
  • BC Services Card (must have photo)
  • Canadian birth certificate.
  • Passport.
  • Canadian Citizenship Card.
  • Permanent Resident Card.
  • Canadian Record of Landing/Canadian Immigration Identification Record.

What forms of ID are acceptable to buy alcohol in Canada?

You can use your DMV-issued driver’s licence to buy alcohol in Canada. It has all the important information needed to prove your identity: name, picture, and date of birth. It’s even possible to use an expired driver’s license to buy alcohol in Canada.

Why do you need 2 pieces of ID in BC?

In BC, it’s policy to ask people who look 30 (or under) for two pieces of ID. Two pieces of ID can be a piece of picture ID with your birthday on it (a driver’s licence, a passport) plus ID that just has your name on it (a credit card). If you have your driver’s licence and credit card on you at all times, you’re set.

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What is considered 2 pieces of ID?

All Identification must be current and original. You require 2 pieces of ID for Driver Licence services and 1 for motor vehicle services.

What is considered primary ID in BC?

Most Canadian birth certificates are accepted as primary ID. This is also accepted as a foundation document.

Can an expired license be used as ID?

TSA will accept expired driver’s licenses or state-issued ID a year after expiration,” the site said. … REAL ID-compliant driver’s licenses will be marked by a star at the top of the card.

Can a 19 year old American drink in Canada?

BELLINGHAM — Nineteen-year-olds have to wait until they’re 21 before they can legally drink alcohol. But if they’re Whatcom County residents, they have to wait only as long as it takes to drive to Canada.

What happens if you don’t ID?

While not carrying an ID is perfectly legal, failing to identify yourself verbally to an officer can lead to your arrest. Most states have ‘Stop and Identify’ laws which require individuals to provide their full names to law enforcement officers when asked. Failing to identify yourself can lead to being arrested.

Can you use an expired license as ID BC?

All ID must be valid and not expired.