You asked: How do I cancel my TCM wine club membership?

Can you cancel wine club membership?

Individuals can cancel their wine club memberships at any time with no hidden fees or charges. Simply call us at 1-800-777-4443, chat with us online or send us an email to

How do I cancel laithwaites wine club?

To change or cancel a Plan, you must let us know:

  1. At least 9 days prior to the scheduled delivery date of your next case; and.
  2. By accessing your Plan online in your Laithwaite’s account or by calling us on 03330 148 149.

How do I cancel Wine of the Month Club?

You may discontinue your membership in WINE OF THE MONTH CLUB whenever you wish simply by contacting us via email at or by phone 1-800- 949-9463 or via mail to PO Box 660220 Arcadia CA 91066. There are no penalties or fees for cancelling. Q. What if I have a friend who would like to join?

Is TCM wine club worth?

The TCM Wine Club is a partnership between Turner Classic Movies’ TCM TV channel and a wine club provider that runs wine clubs for many other companies, too. … Whether you’re a classic movie buff or just want a wine club with a little extra going on, this is a great choice for a value-priced wine club.

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Is Winc hard to cancel?

You may cancel your Winc membership account at any time without any cancellation fees. There are two easy options to cancel your Winc account. … Alternatively, if you prefer, you can call (855) 282-5829 and speak directly to one of the Winc concierges.

How expensive is Winc?

The cheapest WINC membership option starts at $39 per month for three $13 bottles of wine. The most expensive wine they offer is $32, which would be $96 per month. Shipping is $9 per month for 3 bottles of wine.

Is it easy to cancel laithwaites wine club?

You can quickly and easily cancel your wine club membership online, though we’ll be sad to see you go! … If you’d like to cancel your wine club membership, please call us at 1-800-649-4637 or email

Does Winc charge monthly?

Once signed up for our Winc membership, you will be charged a monthly fee and credit will be deposited into your account ($1 = 1 credit). We’ll provide recommendations of wines we think you’ll enjoy into your cart. You must checkout each month to receive your wines, otherwise your credits will build up.

How do I permanently delete Winc?

You can ask the Winc customer support to cancel your membership by dialing 855-282-5829. Make sure to request a confirmation email once they cancel the subscription.

Can you cancel Winc after first month?

Yes, you can cancel and there is no cancellation fee.

How much does the TCM Wine Club cost?

How Much Does it Cost? Your first shipment is $79.99 (plus $19.99 shipping & tax). Future shipments are only $149.99 (plus $19.99 shipping & tax), every case gives you a members-only savings of at least 20%.

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How much does it cost to join TCM backlot?

Targeting a base of super fans, Turner Classic Movies has launched TCM Backlot, a fan club that offers members exclusive content, the ability to become a “guest programmer,” win on-set tours and other perks and benefits. An annual charter membership for TCM Backlot costs $87.