What to do after sending drunk texts?

What to do after you sent a drunk text?

4 Ways To Deal With A Drunk Text

  1. Acknowledge That You Were Drunk Texting, And Now You’re Embarrassed. First things first: You have to own up to what you’ve done. …
  2. Apologize. …
  3. Lie. …
  4. Ignore The Situation Entirely.

What do you say to your ex after drunk texting?

“Apologize by sending a gracious text the following morning,” Winter advises. “If you said anything in haste or anger, correct it with the sober truth and clarify anything that’s inaccurate.” This might also be a good time to consider deleting your ex’s number. “Do you really need it?” Winter asks.

Do drunk texts mean anything?

Drunk dialing or drunk texting can have real consequences. They can put the person at risk for embarrassment, shame, or loss of a friendship or romantic relationship. The person may be more likely to withdraw from friends after such an incident, which can be damaging for their mental health.

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How do I stop drunk texting?

7 Tricks To Try So You Never Drunk Text Again

  1. Think of your potential hit list. …
  2. Reevaluate the places you drink. …
  3. Tell your friends. …
  4. Engage in real-life conversation. …
  5. Call your mom. …
  6. Go to a club. …
  7. Talk to them before you’re drunk.

Should you apologize for drunk dialing?

If you drunk dialed a distant ex looking for a little somethin’ somethin’, just let it go. Calling back to apologize or explain won’t improve the situation — it will only make you look lamer. … Step 4: Lie big-time If you drunk dialed or sent a drunk text to a current love interest, it’s time for a real whopper.

Do drunk texts from ex mean anything?

What Does A Drunk Text From An Ex Mean? According to Trescott, your ex’s drunk texts could have to do with one of three core things: their ego, desire, or grief. If it’s their ego that’s driving them to reach out, they are likely looking for some form of validation.

Why does my ex only text me when he’s drunk?

An intoxicated ex-lover might text you to get validation or affection when they haven‘t found it from anyone else. Unresolved feelings. A drunk person who hasn’t worked through their past could be seeking closure for the way a relationship ended.

What does it mean if a girl drunk texts you?

She wants you to think that she’s moved on and forgotten all about you. She only texts you when she’s drunk, because that’s the only time when talking to you seems like a smart idea. But as soon as the alcohol leaves her system and she’s sober again, she remembers the truth. That you belong in her past.

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What does it mean when a guy texts you when he is with his friends?

You have his attention, and maybe even his heart. If a guy is texting you when he’s out with his friends, it means he’s thinking of you, and he’s in the love-mode. You’re still on his mind even though you’re not with him, and he wants you to be there with him. This is one of the strongest signs that a guy likes you.

Is there an app to stop you from drunk texting?

Stupid Stopper Drunk Block

This app lets you surf the web while stopping you from making potentially embarrassing impulsive drunk texts, comments, and phone calls. It’s a simple but effective programme.

Does drunk mode block incoming texts?

Drunk Mode doesn’t just block you from calling or texting someone. It actually hides all of that person’s contact information. That means you can’t even outsmart this app by dialing your contact’s number using your friend’s phone (unless you know that number by heart, or your friend has it stored in her phone).

Is there an app to not drunk text?

To avoid drunk texting, the app will block certain phone contacts for up to 12 hours. … Another app, Drunk Text Savior (free, iOS only), appears to be better for those with sloppy phone-entry skills (and, like Drunk Mode, it offers safe options for getting home).