Is Swiggy delivering alcohol in Delhi?

Can you order alcohol on Swiggy?

Meanwhile, Zomato’s rival Swiggy has decided to stick around in the alcohol delivery vertical. The company currently delivers alcohol in West Bengal and Odisha, and has reached out to other state governments for permission, a Swiggy spokesperson told us on Saturday, April 24.

Is Zomato delivering alcohol in Delhi?

Easing of norms for home delivery of alcohol in Delhi has not lifted the spirits of food-tech platforms such as Zomato and Swiggy that kicked off this service in some parts of India last year.

Is alcohol delivery allowed in Delhi?

Here are the new liquor rules of Delhi government:

Orders for home delivery of liquor can be placed through mobile apps and websites. – Pubs, restaurants and bars with necessary licences allowed to serve liquor in open spaces such as terraces. – Restaurants and pubs are also allowed to have live performances.

Has online alcohol delivery started in Delhi?

Government of Delhi allows Home delivery of Alcohol in the state via Mobile App and website. … Apparently many websites and apps has already been started Home Delivery of Liquor/ Wine/ Beer in Delhi. Many websites of Pubs/ restaurants/ bars also officially welcomed user to order online liquor in Delhi.

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Can I order wine from Swiggy?

Online food delivery companies Zomato and Swiggy have launched delivery of alcohol in Jharkhand and Odisha.

What app will deliver alcohol?

The smartphone app Drizly delivers beer, wine and liquor to your doorstep.

Is zomato not delivering alcohol?

New Delhi: In an unprecedented u-turn, Zomato has moved out of the liquor delivery business which was started last year amid the nationwide lockdown introduced by the Central government. … The Gurugram-based company took the decision to shut the liquor delivery business in January 2021.

Is alcohol delivery legal in India?

Therefore, the laws governing alcohol vary from state to state. Liquor in India is generally sold at liquor stores, restaurants, hotels, bars, pubs, clubs and discos but not online. … Home delivery of alcoholic beverages is illegal in Delhi.

Who is delivering alcohol in Delhi?

Swiggy, Zomato, Amazon, Grofers and Flipkart are considering liquor home delivery in Delhi after the Arvind Kejriwal-led government allowed them to do so. The national capital is among the biggest markets for alcoholic beverages in the country.

How can I get alcohol home delivery in Delhi?

The Delhi government has permitted home delivery of liquor for orders placed through mobile apps and websites. The amended excise rules permit holders of L-13 licence to deliver both Indian and foreign liquor at homes for orders they receive from a mobile app or via an online portal.

How can I order liquor in Delhi?

Delhi Liquor Home Delivery App Download

From here you can download the app and visit the official website to book the home delivery or order the liquor for home deilvery. The Delhi government has permitted home delivery of Indian and foreign liquor, it can be ordered for home delivery in Delhi through online portals.

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Can we sell liquor online in India?

The state government’s amended excise rules governing the trade of alcohol now allow the sale of liquor through mobile apps or other online platforms.

Can I order Whisky online in Delhi?

The Delhi government on Tuesday allowed home delivery of liquor through mobile apps or websites under the amended excise rules governing the trade of alcohol in the city.

How can I book liquor online in Delhi 2021?

How to Register Online for Delhi Beer, Sharab, and Whiskey Online Booking

  1. First, go to the Google Play Store and Download the official app of Delhi Liquor Home Delivery App.
  2. Then you need to Register online on the app.